Dynamic Density and PTSD

This is a limited discussion of dynamic density. Clearly the person who has a high intellect and quality information has a higher density of intelligence than a lazy, dumb igknowamus. iCube describes the mental variation of dynamic density which can be applied to the other levels of existence: physics(spinbarism), catan(metabolism), mentality(iCube), ecosnomos, politeness and morality. For more information, visit Timism: The Morality of More Time.

Dynamic Density: The ability to manage and control one's existence. The higher the density, the greater the control one has.

All entities have an inherenct creative/consumption dichotomy out which emanates epiphenomenon of the basic process. This dichotomy is present in many schools of thought, e.g., ying-yang. The more complex the entity in its dynamic density, the more ways that it can be manipulated. For instance, a walking stick helps one travel which is why we have walking sticks. Not much one can do to vary the value of the stick in traveling, lengthen/shorten it or break it. At the other end of the spectrum consider an electronically-ladened car or airplane which can have its travel performance altered in many ways.

Few know that all electrical or electronic devices are permutations of eight basic processes or properties. Likewise with the human brain--the neuron is simple analog/digital switch. It collective dynamic performance can be altered in many ways but all of the ways boil down to one of two effects--faster or slower, local or global. All of the phamaceutical research and results merely find new ways to tune or harm our mental engines which are headling grabbers until long-term use reveals unintented collateral results.

The goal of finding a specific memory selective drug is like thinking one can keep a teenager from speeding by removing the fuel injectors. It will work because the car will not move at all. One can only affect overall performance by enhancing or retarding a part of the system previously unknown to most people. Ask NASCAR mechanics about their pursuit for an edge not yet banned by NASCAR officials. Or, ask habitual players who have constantly tried to stay ahead of drug detection by altering another part of the human metabolism, e.g., uppers, hormones and doping.

In summary, every entity is primarily a creation/consumption dichotomy whose ying-yang ratio varies between species, within species as well as within the day, month, year and life. For metabolism in general and human mentality in particular, one can only alter the ROI=iCube=dynamic Density. The mode of alteration has long-term consequences depending on the mode. The faster the onset, the faster the effect disappearance, and vice versa, e.g., alcohol/caffeine versus SSRI/tricyclics. (This generality is why this writer avoids the wonder drugs. TV commercials paise wonder drugs for ten seconds while the side-effects drone on for the rest of the two-minute commercial. It is like a sex trafficer offering you a virgin who will give you STDs--clap, herpes, gohnorrea, syphillus, and AIDS.)

All efforts to manipulate merely alter the natural ratios with short-term gains most often meaning long-term losses and shorter existence, e.g., America buying cheap Chinese goods means dead production, jobs and pensions like the druggie who gets high on dope only to find an early death as a reward for a something-for-nothing life choice.

For this writer, the universal simplicity of the ying-yang of dynamic density extends down to the basic particle of existence from which emanates all the secondary epiphenona of particles and forces--see Speed of Light.