You Are On Your Own

Summary and Advice for Vets Suffering PTSD.

  1. You are on your own. Most of the flag-waving crowds are sunshine patriots who go to parades for the same reason they go to church--it is a social event.
  2. You are on your own. The politicians have and will forget you as their chickens come home to roost, that is, deficit spending that can no longer be allowed by those who have the money.
  3. You are on your own. The V.A. will increasingly find reasons to deny or cancel benefits (my case--see Don't Complain at the V.A.) Remember, V.A. staff think of their job security first and foremost, not your well-being. If they screw-up, they will initiate a systemic bureaucratic denial and cover-up including "gulagizing" your complaints into your being a danger to others and yourself.
  4. You are on your own. If you were willing to fight and die for your country, it is time to self-enlighten and fight for yourself and your country by walking away from your bad memories. You cannot and can never undo them. If you nurture them, they will grow and kill you or others. Laugh at them and they will eventually laugh back.

As learning does not occur in a classroom but in a motivated mind so does escaping PTSD, blue dog, ?, etc., occur in a motivate mind. Either you make the commitment to help yourself by documenting what works and doesn't work or you are at the mercy of caring people who observe bankers' hours. And, don't complain because then, based on this vet's experience, you are treated as a threat, not a vet.