ROI Flips

While there are natural fluctuations in one's Rate Of Integration (daily, monthly, and annual), one can alter the natural with the unnatural. For instance, over-eating at Thanksgiving dinner will lower one's ROI. Or, ingesting drugs that raise or lower one's ROI.

An interesting thing is the "flip" that comes with unnatural exogenous chemicals that mimic natural endogenous molecules. For instance, have  you ever had a hangover from drinking too much alcohol? Ethyl alcohol's neural suppression causes the body's natural neural (not emotional) depressants to close down. As the alcohol in the body decreases faster than the body can re-establish the suppresed neural depressants, one has an elevated ROI with exaggerated pain indices.

Long-term use of alcohol (or other CNS depressants, e.g., opiates) causes the body's natural balancing of stimulants/depressants to get really out of wack. Cold turkey means a high ratio of neural stimulation without counter-balancing neural depressants. This is the cause of D.T.'s, delerium tremors (or, to wit, "Detox rocks!").

Oppositely, long-term use of stimulants cause gross lethargy when neural stimulants are no longer ingested. This is one of the contributing factors to PTSD as combat soldiers have free access to stimulants so as to be alert in dangerous situations. And, it does not hurt in firefights (as any speed freak will tell you) to have the sense of invincibility that comes from neural stimulants. So, one aspect of PTSD is the combination of reduced ROI and meme-size reduction complicated by a lost sense of invincibility.

ROI flips vary based on the complexity of the chemicals as they alter the natural ROI. The faster acting, simple molecules like alcohol, speed or pot have simpler, faster fading flips. Your hangover will be gone by the afternoon. Long-term use will extend the length of the ROI flip.

In the pharmaceutical industries efforts to concoct drugs that require extended ingestion for the effects to build up, the pharmaceuticals have metastisized metabolic changes with longer ROI flips when drug ingestion is terminated. This applies to the common frontline speed used by troops. Between affecting only a small crucial neural center (instead of the whole body and brain like alcohol, pot or speed), the "advanced" medications have long-term lasting affects on ROI.

Given the paradigm presented herein (not only this essay but the whole Rate of Integration, iCube and Dynamic Density discussion), this writer avoids all the new miracle drugs which causes additional medical complications which, of course, requires more "miracle" medications. Having seen more than one elderly person go from a few pills to the daily doubles and dozens, thanks, but no thanks.

They only drug this writer wants is something to obviate his narcolepsy--no statins, no PSA, no tri-cyclics, etc. And, this $9/month medication which the V.A. provided for years was suddenly cut without notice in January, 2014. He flipped out.

As one cannot normally resolve a conscious problem while asleep nor can one normally find closure on high ROI anxiety from a lower rate of integration.