One cannot understand hunger until one has been hungry, Heidegger?

PTSD Relevancy of Writer

This writer thinks he has one of the best insights into the nature and treatment of PTSD for several reasons: meaning of life, biography, autism(near or real) and luck. If you do not want to know the various points why I am better than most at understanding and treating PTSD, skip to Concepts.

  1. Meaning of life: The path to understanding PTSD began in an odd way, I went to college not for job training but for the meaning of life. By example and explanation a great human being in the US Navy, Jeff Patton, imparted this wisdom. If successful, I would have a meaningful life--see Means,Meaningful, Meaningless, Meanest and Meanies as well as Meaning of Life (YouTube vid dedicated to an ER shift at McGuire VAMC in Richmond, Virgniia). Beginning with philosophy and religion, I migrated through psychology, physiology and chemistry because at each stage I realized the need to understand the dynamics of the underlying system. The understanding of mentality as Rate of Integration became Timism when it was realized that all dynamic systems are creating their units of time for prolonging stability and life based on three processes: Dynamic Density, Rivers of Stability and Symphonies of Existence. (Pardon the poetic phraseology but it is a better explanatory starting point than "Man is merely a bag of chemicals sloshing forward based on neurons defecating neurotransmitters on each other in a cerebral food fight." This summarizes my graduate studies in the neurosciences: anatomy, physiology, endocrinology and chemistry. [Few people have pictures of Krebs on their study wall--I do.]) If you understand timism, you have an amazing heuristic tool for better research and understanding, e.g., Deep Throat should have said "Follow the Time" instead of "Follow the money." This distinction is why all the millions of dollars to bribe terrorist turncoats is worthless to the terrorist bent on his valid or warped morality of more time. Happy people do not measure wealth in dollars but in free time.
  2. Biography: A traumatic childhood can leave one with unpleasant memories like combat experience, e.g., rape, starvation, abuse, etc--see I did not kill my mother. I can consistently out-victim self-proclaimed victims. How many people can say that because of fear they left home at age eight to become self-supporting by shining shoes 40-50 hours a week?
  3. Autistic? I am intelligent, a gift in which I take no pride except for how I have use it to be self-sufficient and to help others, e.g., Work Ethic School, Seed-Bees, etc.
    1. Despite weekly working 40-50 hours and graduating in middle of class I scored 97% on college boards. The gap was do to working prevented my doing homework which lowerd my grades.
    2. In the US Navy, I graduated 2 out of fifty and scored highest on final comp which had a 94% failure rate.
    3. I completed undergraduate requirements at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in just over two years, cum laude. One semester I ace'd 24 hours. I completed pre-med organic chem in two months as independent study while taking a normal class load.
  4. Lucky: By the age of 25 I had been luckier than I ever imagined. Quantitative evidence: Out of eight kids only three graduated from high school, and I was the single to complete college. I was not the smartest nor the only one with some luck.When I asked my five lifehelpers (mentors) how I could repay them, they all said the same, "Pass it on."
    1. Jeff: In the US Navy I met a person who by example and explanation inspired me to go to college not for job training but for an education to answer the question, "What is the meaning of life." Please note that while a websegment exists on "Meaning, Meaningful, Meaningless and Meanies", my YouTube vid on the Meaning of Life is dedicated to the on-duty ER staff who treated me when I appeared to have suffered a stroke.
    2. When I went to college, I recognized that if I studied how to think, learn and remember better then I would answer the question of meaning sooner and better. The best index of success was completing undergraduate in just over two years, cum laude. One semester I ace'd 24 hours.
    3. In the process of marching through philosophy, psychology, physiology, biochemistry and organic chemistry in an ever deeper, basic quest to answer the question, I developed the "Rate of Integation" understanding of dynamic systems whether the basic particle of existence spinning at the speed of light (whence quantums and gravity) or the basic morality of existence spinning independent of human control. ROI became timism when I realized in graduate school that all dynamic systems are processing their relevant or relative units of time to maximize their stability and longevity (Dawinism).
    4. I am lucky to have survived a  horrible childhood from which I was armed with a far better than average work ethic. Regardless of payment or acknowledgement, if I realize I have the ability to respond to respond to a problem then I have incurred an existential responsibility to solve that problem. Thus, I have personally and professionally acquired acupuncture morality, that is, I can solve new, unexperienced problems because of the bredth and depth of other problem-solving ... a problem-solving deja vu. Otra acknowledgement of this has been the DIBs accolate as well as comments like "What are you doing on this planet?" No better example of acting to be responsible is the long journey (40+years) to develop Timism so it belongs to humanity rather than a fewer few.
    5. I am unlucky that most people do not have the iCube to appreciate me, seeking to trip me rather than channel me.

Thus, the reader realizes that this writer thinks he has more of the necessary elements to understand and treat PTSD. We'll see.