I hope you will share with your readership a multi-faceted concept to entertain and edify on a simple way to have more happiness through gardening, in particular, cave gardening as seen these examples of cucumber and tomato caves. I have a website (CaveGarden.com)

In 2011, the Washington Post posted some pictures of me and my wife in their gardening section. One was of me at the top a 20-ft ladder picking tomatos from a 19-foot plant. As my success with gardening improved, I realized that vertical was better than horizontal when possible, thus, cave gardening in which an arbor is used to run vines up, across and down to create a "cave."

There are many benefits to cave gardening over ground gardening: productivity, disease prevention/correction, and picking--see ??. By my 2012 calculations for a garden in Richmond, Virginia, one can produce over $1.75 per sq.ft.--see money, money. With rising food prices due to drought and competition, the money per sq.ft. can only increase. It is a amazing that a seed that cost only a few cents can produce over $10.00 worth of food that tastier and better than store-bought food.

On the website, many facets are explained as well as means by which schools or NGO's can generate funds akin to bakesales. For instance, "Joys of Gardening" shows how one can forego dollar-sucking "shop till ya drop" for penny-wise "grow till ya glow." Also, for better or worse, I have several philosophical essays on the "zen  of gardening"-- 'Links From' Pages linking to this page: ( )No IndexDir ... Refs General ... !RefsRvu ... !Dir.nts) InfoLinks (05-22-2015@07:28) Linkstat:LinksFrom2Table
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