Seeding Bee/Party, March 16 & 23 (Saturday) at Crossroad Coffee 3600 Forest Hill, Richmond

From 8am to 6pm, tables will be setup whereat gardeners can pluck seeds for planting in their seed trays whether egg cartons, purchased trays or home concoctions.

The seeds sell for twenty cents a piece with all proceeds going to the McGuire V.A. volunteer group. [Please note that the volunteer group has not been contacted for approval or associaton. The cash and checks will be delivered on Monday, March 25, to do with as they choose.]

Since there is no profit incentive for the originator (quite to the contrary in donated time and seed costs) what are the reasons and the goals of hosting a seed bee?

  1. Encourage schools to hold spring seed bees like bake sales to raise funds for school art and music projects.
  2. Encourage students, parents and others to switch dollar-disappearing shop till ya drop with penny-making "grow till ya glow"--a garden is great mental health clinic wherein to ponder what when wrong in one's day and how to prevent reoccurrenct.
  3. Promote anti-inflation activity that will reduce demand-driven inflation at the supper-market.
  4. Divert lawn fertilizer into a more dense sequestering of green house gases per square meter.

For more information on seeding bees and optimal growing techniques, visit

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