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  1. New parents need seriously subsidized day care
  2. "Have you figured out what you'll do with the baby once you go back to work?''
  3. the average cost of day care for an infant in Ramsey County is $12,000
  4. U.S. Department of Education's Early Education Finance Demonstration Project has given the Greater Minneapolis Day Care Association a $350,000 grant to come up with some solutions, possibly college-style financing for little kids.
  5. After all, unlike the heavily subsidized state university system, early child-care costs rest entirely on parents,
  6. more than 70 percent of mothers of young children are in the work force
  7. This may explain why I am No. 144 on a waiting list for the infant room at a highly recommended college campus day- care center. The staff says the list is now three years long, which is why the woman who is No. 143 is not yet pregnant.
  8. This may also explain why I wept at one day-care center we visited, where the children had runny noses and rasping coughs, and half the staff stood outside in the cold taking an indifferent cigarette break.
  9. And yet, if child-care costs continue to spiral - they've already gone up by 58 percent in the last decade, double the inflation rate

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