Responsibility: Response Ability


  1. Response ability: Ability is measured in time willing or able to respond to problem.
    1. Can be quantified in lifeminutes or lifehours.
    2. Related to and parallel to iCube.
    3. Related to morality of more time.
    4. Relate to four steps of problem-solving--role of time at each level as well as icube to describe, prescribe, organize and motivate
  2. Responsibility: Victim of semantic slippage.
  3. Geo. Talker Bush: responsible? Capable?
    1. Geo. Talker Bush said he was responsible for America's security. Has he responded to the threats to our security and safety in an able way? Do you feel safer today than you did in 2001 when he took office and when the World Trade Center was attacked?
    2. Does Geo. Talker Bush have a response ability to solve our problems? The answer is in the question, do you think America, not your personal money wealth, has improved or declined since 2001?
    3. If anyone is to blame for America's decline it is the person who is suppose to preside in the White House. No one is more to blame than Geo. Talker Bush. And, that is the word that George, the "I'm the decider," should use instead of responsible, that is, "I am to blame for Iraq, Afghanistan, mortgage crisis, financial meltdown, military decline, etc."

By the timistic calculus within the morality of more time, if you have the ability to respond to a problem but do not respond then you are not only irresponsible but you are immoral. You are immoral because there is less free time from problems rather than more time.

Irresponsibility and immorality can be seen in the little and the large. Littering instead of keeping your trash with you till you find a wastebin is irresponsible and immoral. Failing to pick up a nail, screw or glass from the roadway is irresponsible and immoral, for the few seconds it takes you to detrash your environment can save another person the vastly greater amount of time to fix a flat tire. Or, worse, saving a lives from a car suffering a tire blowout.

Anyone who thinks they don't pay for their moral inefficiency fails to understand how the cost of living is the cost of unsolved problems. The person suffering the flat tire will build into his cost of service the cost of the flat tire. The mechanic who would fix your car sooner and cheaper if he was not busy fixing tires charges more than a mechanic who less busy. The person inconvenienced by a flat tire might be on his way to solving your problem. The person who dies in an accident is no longer a problem-solver.

Inflation comes from shortages of goods and services. Failure to take a minute of your time to save hours of other people's time contributes to inflation. This timistic, self-serving analysis of doing good is better an amorphous generality. You can avoid paying for being irresponsible and immoral in the short term but it is an example of ignorance is bliss until the ignored problems blitz and you can ignore your problems for only so long because you can never outrun your problems which will always catch up with you.

A historic summary link between responsibility and morality is Edmund Burke's observation  that evil triumphs when good men don't act. Responsibility is key distinguishing divider between meaningless and meaningful people when confronted with meanness. The time loss by letting an evil person waste, ruin or destroy the time and lives of others is great for the inflation from crime and war is great. Ben Franklin wrote that those who give up freedom for safety deserve neither. More correctly, in the end, one ends up with neither freedom nor safety as one can see in the "Patriot Acts" of the United States government. The gradual erosion of freedom and safety when good men don't act responsibily and morally was poignantly summarized by ???: When they came for ...

Is Geo. Talker Bush responsible? No, he does not have the ability to respond to our problems. Are habitual politicians responsible? No, they cause habitual problems for which they cannot offer any cures.

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