Official, government-issued currencies should be regarded as the common stock certificate of the national system of production. One can list many physical and functional similarities of corporate stocks and national currency. Physically, both are typically scribbled-on paper products. In terms of production both are functionally similar.

Currencies and stocks are readily convertible into the other. With currency, one indirectly owns any stock in any publicly traded corporation. If one so chooses, one can have direct corporate ownership by trading one's currency for stock. By its nature of being the common intermediate product--through which all other products are most frequently traded including stocks--currency is the common stock all corporations. Currency is readily convertible into any of the specific sopps that show direct ownership. As the common sopp to all corporations in a nation, the official currency can be readily described as the common stock certificate to a national system of production.

This corporate interpretation of currency being the national stock certificate is backed-up by similarities between national and corporate policy making. The Presidency and the Executive Branch correspond to management in a corporate structure. Congress functions as the Board of Directors for the system of production known as the United States of America with dollars being the common stock certificate. Sadly, one must acknowledge that the citizen is the unrepresented and misrepresented stockholders. Sadly, the executives and directors of the nation constantly cheapen the common stock. They manipulate not only it but increase the numbers of "preferred" stocks. Preferred stocks are limited to a privileged few through legisflated "private laws".

Level one Preferred Stocks: Treasury Securities

Treasury Notes and Saving Bonds not only finance the National Debt but cheapen the value of the dollar bill. Reinterpreted within the framework of a national stock, the CEO and the Directors are selling preferred stock--which indicate ownership of products and production--to dilute the national ownership of those possessing only the common stocks: dollars. When the politicians order the Fed to print money or the Treasury to print bonds, the existing common stock is cheapened in the same way as if private corporations printed and sold stocks. This direct and indirect dilution of basic common ownership of products and of production represents more than an inflation of currency, more than a cheapening and counterfeiting of currency. This dilution represents theft of product and production ownership from the basic common citizen through manipulation of the symbols of ownership: currency, and treasury issues as well as the private sopps.

Level Two Preferred Stocks: Private Sopps

All the private sopps involve people converting the common stock (currency), which they receive for their goods or services, into a private "preferred" stock that indicates ownership of products, production or other sopps. As has been amply shown, the growing number and variety of soppy financial instruments involves a ratcheting process in which the basic stockholder of America ends up with less buying power. He loses some of the original buying power which he received for his busytime. In addition, all soppy transactions divert human resources from production.

No where is this theft of the citizens' product and production ownership greater than in the issuing of the scribbled-on paper products called loans. These highly manipulated "preferred" symbols of product and production ownership are rarely used to capitalize new production and new products. Rather, the financiers and bankers channel the pooled common stocks of the small citizen into monstrous acquisition loans. The most "preferred" privately issued stock has to be the $3.2 billion acquisition loan to Seagram's of Canada involving American banks. How many dollars came from the small savings and checking accounts of steel, rubber, and auto workers? How many of the common stock certificates of America will put these workers out of work as the Seagram loan directly or indirectly "streamlines" their production. After all, one of the Bronfman brothers said he wasn't going to put any of the money into steel!

If the Seagram loan was the only "preferred" soppy transaction that cheapened the product worth of the common stock of America, America would not be suffering record inflation, unemployment, overtaxation, and violence. But the Seagram loan merely epitomizes the vast rise in soppy transactions at the expense of production itself. Among the soppy busynesses issuing more and more preferred stocks are those involving the stock market and the Euromart.

Of course we're busy,
but what are we busy at?

Necronomic Manipulation Ad Infinitum

Unstopped, the necronomist will continue to come up with preferred products into which the scared and foolish convert their common intermediate product: dollars. Constantly, the necronomists come up with some symbol manipulation that allows the originator to ratchet wealth from the those who "invest" in this symbol of product ownership. Most soppy transactions are detrimental to the common stock and the common stockholder. By diverting human resources from basic production of goods and services (especially, essentials), all levels of necronomic sopps reduce the product worth of existing products. A system of production suffers lost productive resources as people turn to the soppy speculating in the symbols of production rather than engaging in actual production itself.

What Products? What Production? What Producers?

The necronomists and the modern politicians corruptly or incompetently ignore how the value of any product or stock, national or corporate, rises or falls based on the activity of the people within the system. They only look at bottom-line figures without regard to whether there are products behind them. If all the people at Ford Motor Company decided to cease working and play a company-wide winner take-all poker game, there would be some winners who would have more money than they could acquire in a lifetime working for Ford. But would they be able to buy a new Ford? No, the last new Ford would have been made when they started gambling. Is gambling busytime displacing the investment of human resources--capital--into engineering production gains?

The following quotation shows how Wall Street has evolved from a capitalistic center to a speculative, gambling center that is counterproductive in nature.

"Many New Investors Have Modest Means But Large Ambitions - Hoping to Get Rich Quickly, They Buy Risky Issues; But Some Just Get Poorer"

"They see the market as Las Vegas East," says Donald Kimsey, senior technical analyst with Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. "They go out and put their money on the table. They're definitely not risk-adverse."

Has history ever seen such a well-organized rush to destroy a system of production? Where are the top policy makers that are supposed to organize and integrate the system for expanding production, not expanding speculation and gambling? "New Investors" !!! New gamblers is a better description of the people taking the plunge.

Competing to acquire old stale stocks that were issued many years ago is not capitalism. It is acquisitionism that is counterproductive, destructive of a system of production. Such people are not investing into production, but metastasizing their own destruction. They are cheapening the value of all stocks, especially the national stock which is the common, intermediate product by which producers save time in exchanging their goods and services.

As more and more people are allowed and are encouraged to play the stock market, there will be record gains for some, especially the coupiers who handle or finance the speculation in the symbols of production. But what will those sopps be worth in terms of products and production? Nothing?

Whose fault?
the necronomists
the modern politicians!

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.


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