When a system of production suffers inflation, unemployment, over-taxation, and violence, it indicates that the most productive and basic producers have made wrong choices. Foremost, the producers have not chosen to maintain one product as a common intermediate product kept current in its production time worth. In other words, the system of production does not have a currency: There is no product married to and standardized to the human lifehour.

Ultimately, the fate of a currency as to its product value, buying power, or stability is up to the basic producers of a system of production. It is the producers, not the underproducers, who produce all products. It is the producers who ultimately print all the scribbled-on paper products which the soppy, necronomic underproducers use to ratchet wealth away from the producers. It is the producers who ultimately remain insufficiently organized so as to allow less productive people to organize and inflationarily overcharge for everyday services. It is the producers ultimately who allow the underproducers to misdirect production away from the production of essential goods and services. Ultimately, the producers are the cause of their own suffering that comes from inflation, unemployment, overtaxation, and violence. They suffer because they did not organize so as to determine

"What Products? What Production? What Producers?"

The producers suffer because they don't take the time to ask the question,

"Of course we're busy, but what are we busy at?"

When beset by inflationary suffering, the producers are blissfully unaware of Grandma's Law of Product Multiplication. They allow the existence of the Banker's Law of Production Division. Producers, naively or ignorantly, tolerate the leveraging, hedging, or ratcheting of their wealth. They allow the growth of soppy manipulations, manipulations which are out of their control. One year they wag their tails and tongues in pursuit of the gold rewards cited by the likes of Jayne Bryant Quinn, and the next year they try to recoup their losses in money funds.

There should be as few scribbled-on paper products (sopps) as possible in a system of production. More than one means a waste of human resources. More than one means opportunities for computer-assisted wealth extraction. If there is to be a limited number of sopps and an elimination of soppy ratcheting, the producers must take the necessary steps. The underproducers won't take the necessary steps; they owe their wealth and livelihood to the manipulation of numerous sopps. Only when the producers take charge of the symbols of production will there be a product that is kept constant and current in its production time content. Each day that the producers do not assume control is a day that they pay more dearly for their ignorance of the relationship between sopps and real products.

Ignorance is bliss ...
only for a while.

When the producers naively, ignorantly, or weakly do not control the sopps, then the non-producers or underproducers must control them. As such, it is delusional and self-defeating for the producers to pursue a better sol by merely striking for more soppy symbols of production and not the products themselves.

With the non-producers controlling the supply of sopps, they have consistently negated any soppy gains by the striking producers. The non-producers merely expand the soppy supply of product symbols with themselves as the recipients. Their self-benefiting expansion of the symbols of production increases their control or ownership of the real products.

With more money in their paychecks, the producers think they have improved their standard of living when they double the amount of sopps they receive. As recent history shows, the rise in dollars (sopps) of take-home pay has resulted in less ownership of real products; the necronomic sopphist expand the quantity and quality of sopps for their own possession faster than what the producers receive. As long as the producers merely strike for sopps they will have less. If they are to strike it must be for control of the sopps. Otherwise, the producers will have less and less--as history is showing at a faster rate each day. Striking, however, is unnecessary. The solution is to simply avoid sopphist, to take one's savings, checking, and other financial transaction to a producers' owned and controlled financial institution: AESOP *.

As long as the productive members renege on pursuing control of the sopps--the symbols of the products which they alone produce--they will have less to show for each hour of busytime. They will be like the old coal miners, who were basically working for the company store which overcharged for the goods because they had a price-gouging monopoly,

sixteen hours a day, and what do you get,
another day older and deeper in debt.

Instead of owing their soul to the easily-discriminated company store, the producers owe their sol--standard of living--to all the over-charging sopphist. The producers will keep losing their sol only so long as the patronize the underproducers who over-charge for handling the symbols of production.

If the producers are to have relief, they must acquire control of the symbols of their production or they will have neither sops nor products. Time is running out. If the politicians will not peacefully initiate the re-humanization of sopps, the producers must attempt it peacefully.

Sufficiently educated, the producers don't need political intervention, nor do they need to strike and lose wages. If the producers just organized their own soppy services without the short-comings of the professional sopphistic non-producers, the latter would dwindle away. And as the underproducing necronomists dwindle away, so will inflation and unemployment. Fortunately, it doesn't take many producers avoiding the non-producers to initiate a stampede that would collapse the sopphistry that is killing civilization through the producers. Any one of numerous cross sections of the nation could initiate the stampede. What if all the small savers took their money out of checking and savings? Or all the merchants did the same thing, and refused to accept credit cards or checks from banks that made counterproductive loans? Or corporations advised stockholders not to trade on the stock markets? The politicians will hopefully see the writing on the wall and initiate a smooth transition.

Woe unto the politicians that will attempt to impede an organization of the producers into the American Solidarity of Producers (ASP). The politicians' resistance might result in ASP taking more than a big bite out of their pensions. No doubt the gratitude of ASP to those politicians who promote the transition will be amply rewarded. Where is ASP? It is coming. The Polish producers have provided the example by which all producers everywhere will rise up against non-representative policy makers. ASP will bite hard behind the rally cry of

Don't Tread on Me.

Whether a system of production survives or dies is up to the basic producer. If he does not organize so as to determine what products will multiply, then production will become lop-sided and collapse.

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.


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