This text is part of an effort to establish a New United States of America. The use of relevant democracy and capitalism will solve the inflationary problems that are burdening the productive persons in America and elsewhere.

Humanity suffers from human problems. For us human beings, a problem is anything that consumes or wastes our time. Problems shorten the freedom and length of one's life. Inflation, unemployment, taxation, and violence are problems.

When do problems grow and remain unsolved? When the sources of the problems are not defined so that relevant solutions can be prescribed. Governments are supposed to be problem solving processes with the function of policing the problems out of human existence. When productive individuals are burdened with unsolved problems, problem solving policy makers apparently do not exist in government.

The foremost problems burdening the productive persons are inflation, unemployment, taxation, and violence. Inflation itself is the cost of unsolved problems. Regardless of whether the unsolved problems are personal, interpersonal, or international, someone has to pay for the problems. Invariably, people pass on the cost of unsolved problems; they charge more for their goods and services . . . inflation. Or, the people foolishly think they can ignore the problems. Or, let the government take care of them. The latter course is the source of escalating taxation.

Over-taxation is not an indication of problem solving government. As such, over-taxation is a warning that the problems will not be solved. A government that tries to tax problems out of existence is a government that is not a problem solving process. Regardless of how much the tax burden increases and of how much the elected politicians' salaries are increased, neither will solve the problems.

The common factor to all human problems is a lack of relevant problem solving. By relevant it is meant effective. Something or someone is relevant (effective) when they do what they are supposed to do. The increasing irrelevance within governmental problem solving indexes and coincides with a decline of democratic problem solving.

In 1787, the present U.S. government was constituted for a democratic tradition. However, the absence of democracy within the habitual politicians prevents the benefits of democracy in America. Between elections, democracy exists little or not-at-all in the Halls of Congress and in the Oval Office. Without relevant democracy in the national problem solving process, no people can expect to have the benefits of democracy.

What are the benefits of democracy? Simple. As argued below and elsewhere, the benefits of democracy include a problem-free existence. Why? Relevant democracy is when people are appropriately given the power and the responsibility to solve their problems which only they can solve. Relevant democracy is problem solving without equal (sine qua non).

America cannot solve any of the secondary or tertiary problems without solving its primary, central problem. The premier problem of humanity everywhere is a lack of relevant national problem solving. A New United States of America will arise with and from a better process.

As a democratically constituted political force, NUSA will promote foremost the education of the productive individuals. Productive, relevant education will solve our problems, without foolishly and futilely turning to and depending on the habitual politicians.

Expecting the habitual politicians to solve the problems is foolish and futile. Their hands and minds have aided, abetted, or ignored the problems. Clearly, if people educate and regulate themselves, they don't need external, expensive and ineffective regulators. The habitual politicians fail as problem solvers. They regulate rather than educate, push rather than lead. Their regulatory rather than educational approach is not without personal benefit for them. If they started to relevantly educate us they would be out of jobs for reasons that the reader can surely guess. In all cases, the education through NUSA is geared toward crushing inflation and all its dismal consequences.

NUSA will be a haven for the producers: productive individuals and industries suffering unnecessarily and unjustly from inflation. A producer is an economic unit that creates more wealth than is consumed. The farmer, the assembly-liner, the employer, and the "intellectuals" will find a problem solving process that is relevant in prioritizing and solving all the problems. NUSA will bite off the heads of the inflationary Hydras and will take the wind out of the inflationary spiral.

Your Time

Until NUSA has grown into an adequate, democratic political force, the promotion of self-instructional, problem solving education will be foremost. Gradually, NUSA will recall and replace the habitual politicians. By so doing, the job of solving the problems of America and Humanity will proceed more quickly. However, until NUSA has promoted democracy within the Halls of Congress BETWEEN elections, NUSA will show that problems can be solved without expecting sterile problem solvers to waste their time ... and ours.

How much and how long you suffer from inflation will be determined by how you use your time. If inflation is eroding your buying power and standard of living, there are two ways that you can try and beat inflation. Some people try to find more worktime to maintain their buying power and standard of living. Yet, inflation-induced unemployment and recession show the futility of this course. Other people try to beat inflation with inflation; they switch from productive enterprises to speculative activity.

The flames of inflation razing your lifestyle will not be quenched by seeking inflationary returns. Dousing a fire with gasoline is the best analog to fighting inflation with inflation. An hour of trying to beat inflation with more workhours or speculative hours is a script for more hours of inflationary suffering. The only way you can stop losing and wasting time to inflation is to stop it.

By its nature, inflation outworks or out-speculates everyone in the end. The best way to use your time in fighting inflation is to promote the understanding and elimination of inflation. In regards to beating inflation, a stop in time beats over-time, part-time, and double-time.

Compensation For Productive, Relevant Self-Education

These writings are more than descriptions of and prescriptions for the problems which exact an inflationary cost. The writings are more than a means to vote on the productivity or destructivity of the writings themselves. The writings are even more than the delineation of the simple, efficient, and effective steps whereby people can organize themselves, so as to prioritize problems and percolate the solutions. Most importantly, the writings are a simple accounting means by which the productive reader is motivated and rewarded. Tax credits are available for those who participate in solving America's problems. Should it be any other way, that is, should tax credits be given to those who ignore or generate problems?

Tax credits, for one's lifehours in solving problems, are awarded based on educating oneself and others. An initial path by which lifehours can be accumulated is the reading of NUSA material.

The NUSA hierarchy will develop from the percolation of individual problem solvers to the top on a regular basis using the democratic process idealized in the "A Needed Presidential Speech." Within NUSA, the "democratic cycle" time will take advantage of habitual telecommunication. The written rendition of the prioritized problems and solutions will become NUSA educational material. Through relevant education, people learn to lead themselves. NUSA intends to promote education rather than regulation.

With tax credit awards, personal education will be promoted that is relevant to the nature and solution of problems. Where will this relevant problem solving information come from? The information will come from the individuals who were democratically

collected, filtered, percolated, and hone

during each democratic cycle. These individuals and their issues (the relevant education) will have been prioritized through different levels of democracy from the bottom. The information will be relevant problem solving information; it originated with and was molded by the people who suffered problems ... quite different from the information processing of the habitual politicians who live in Washington D.C., the no-recession city.

There are additional awards for the reading of and the balloting on the prioritized problems of each democratic cycle. Those individuals who are

collected, filtered, honed, and percolated

with their relevant information will be awarded additional tax credit. The amount of the award will be based on their problem solving productiveness. The productiveness of a problem solver will be reflected in how far up the hierarchy they were democratically prioritized and percolated on each cycle.

Confidence and Conviction

The solutions to the problems will be simple when humanity has relevant democracy. Pollution of the democratic process, by the habitual politicians with "political compromises", has never solved more problems than the pollution generated. The sooner we have NUSA, the sooner the benefits of democracy--a problem-freer existence--will be ours and yours.

When America has relevant democracy for its national problem solving process, the woes of inflation, unemployment, over-taxation, and violence will become a thing of the past. With relevant democracy, in which relevant problem solvers are percolated and the people polled as to their concerns and consensus, the elimination of these four problems will rapidly occur. How rapidly? The NUSA writings give specific time-schedules that are measured in months, not decades.

The aim of Democratic Capitalists is simply to create a booming system of production. There is one general reason why a system of production suffers recession, depression, and collapse: poor policy making and poor problem solving at the top. Once this poorness is corrected, a system of production can have


Other things are possible once a nation institutes a democratic process that is relevant to the quantity and quality of the problems within its system of production. With problem solving sine qua non, the inflationary and taxation cost of problems quickly becomes a thing of the past. While NUSA may not be perfect problem solving processes, it will solve problems better than a Congress of incumbent and cloned politicians.

Things can be done when the system of production is not finely tuned to the multiplication of money but is finely tuned to the problems of the people that compose the production environment. The latter is "ecos nomos", the former is necronomics.



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