"My fellow Americans, our land and world is beset by many problems. These problems consume our time and prevent the American dream of a problem-free life. The solving of our problems requires your help in prioritizing and defining them. Through the following means, the relevant information, issues, and individuals will be collected, filtered, percolated and honed: colfilperhone.

"I urge you to participate in a new national problem solving process, a process that will complement and assist the Washington problem solving process. Following the "democratize and unite" procedure, the people will selectively prioritize one of the individuals of the group to represent their group at the next level.

"Each of the levels in the new democratic process are not geographically exact, for they are more demographical, thus they are called "demolevels". The people or representatives attending each demolevel will engage in presenting issues--problem descriptions and solutions. After presentation, a democratic vote will be taken to select the issue regarded as the most pressing problem needing the particular solution.

"Anything that unnecessarily consumes our time is a problem that should be solved, for time is the commodity of our lives which should not be wasted. The individual, who presented the issue at that demolevel, will be elected to "re-present" the issue at the next higher demolevel, an issue which re-presents the prioritized concern and consensus of the lower demolevel.

"Please accept the hyphenation of the word "re-present". For too long we confused mere elections every few years with true "representative" government. If the elected officials do not or cannot re-present the problems, concerns, and consensus of the people, then there is not true re-presentative government. The growing problems of inflation, unemployment, taxation, and violence indicate that the problems are not being re-presented. We have re-presentative government only as a figure of speech, a figment of some people's imagination. Fortunately, this new national problem solving process will re-establish true re-presentative government. It will bring the problem-freeing benefits of democracy to America once again.

"As your President, I will present these issues to Congress. They will be problems defined and solved by the people themselves. Whether or not Congress chooses to enact your problem solutions is between them, you, and your recall-process. I feel that I will have done my best to preside over the country in a productive fashion. I will have organized a national problem solving process with the following levels through which prioritized information, issues, and individuals could be collected, filtered, percolated and honed.

"For a given Congressional District, this democratic process will repeat once every nine weeks. Are you willing to give two-hours once every nine weeks to solve the problems of inflation, unemployment, over-taxation, and crime? A nine-week "democratic cycle" time is more appropriate to the rapid problems of the habitual world.

"No longer can we tolerate a problem solving process that has a democratic cycle time of two, four, or six years which was relevant two hundred years ago. The unresolved problems of inflation, unemployment, taxation, and violence are indictments on Congress as a failed, national, problem solving process. Your Congress is too politicized with stale, incumbent, or cloned problem solvers to cope with the problems of today.

"This new national problem solving process will not only be efficient and effective, but it will not cost a single federal dollar, nor a single cent of dollar taxation. If it proves as effective as it should, you should expect a tax-reduction based on eliminating the expensive salaries and bureaucracy that now bloats the Legislative Branch of your government. Your taxes will also be reduced as a result of eliminating the tax-consuming problems for which you have to pay.

"Many of you complain that there is no fair and free way in which you can participate in your government. The official means and sanctions are now available. If you think that you know how to solve a specific problem, which your city, state, or nation faces, then show up and present it before a small division of people. Instead of expensive, time-wasting Presidential Commissions, I will accept the issues percolated through the new national problem solving process as directive mandates from the people.

"Most of you are as smart as your elected re-presentatives; many are smarter. If you do know best, you will be percolated to the next division of people to "re-present" the concerns and consensus of your division for the particular democratic cycle. Through this process of "demolevels", comprised of manageable divisions of people to perculate the issues, and through my re-presenting the top issues spelled out by the people, America will achieve the problem-freeing benefits of democracy. After all, democracy does mean rule by divisions of people.

"Recognize how this is a call for the formation of a new political (policy making) process, not a political party. Within this policy making process, bonds are established solely through pre-set time slots; potential problem solvers get together and democratically prioritize one individual and issue to advance to the next level. There is no incumbency within this process, and no cloning. Blind ambition or allegiance will not be necessary for your percolation to the top of this new political process; this is quite unlike the existing political parties where IOUs are rampant, IOUs that compromise the nation for a fewer few.

"The problems of a people are solved only when the knowledgeable, problem-suffering people have the power and responsibility to rule themselves. I, as your President, will use my power to offer YOUR solutions to YOUR problems to YOUR Congress to enact into law. The responsibility, however, of defining the problems and the solutions is up to you. No one else can.

"When was the last time a politician (Democrat or Republican) solved a problem that affected you? On the other hand, when was the last time that they taxed you for problems they could not or would not solve? You can't pay someone to solve your problems; if you try, you'll have mercenary political parties selling out to the highest bidder; for example, we still have the best Congress that money can buy, as Mark Twain said a century ago. In solving your problems, the responsibility is yours. I have provided the means by which you will have the power to enact solutions that are of the people, by the people, and for the people."

The President


My fellow Americans, we can never expect a President elected from either the Democrats or the Republicans to deliver the above, needed speech. No habitual politician is going to organize us in a democratic, capitalistic fashion in order to rule the problems out of our lives. Despite their name, the Democrats are not democratic. Despite their homages, the Republicans are not capitalistic. Of the other political parties which appeared on the 1980 national ballots, even less can be said.

America needs a political process that is democratic and capitalistic in the original, unpolluted and uncorrupted sense of the words. In truth, literally and figuratively, the two major problems offer America "demolections" and "decapitalism." We cannot expect the public benefits of democracy or the private benefits of capitalism if merely the words are used when the substance of each is needed.

The Author



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