Earlier chapters dealt with potential criticisms NUSA. This chapter points out that as a political process, NUSA is more American than the habitual politicians, the necronomists, and the decapitators. After all, it was not for naught that the original chosen name is the

American Economic System Of Production.
A Good 5-cent Cigar? or a 5% Government

America needs not only a good 5-cent cigar but a form of government that takes 5% of the Gross National Product, at the most. What we need, is a good 5-percent problem solving process. Through NUSA, America will eventually have a good 5-percent government. Presently, the habitual politicians in Washington have allowed the Federal Government to take 24% of the GNP. Their accomplices in the outskirts take another 16%. Together, federal, state and local tax-structures consume 40% of the GNP. What do we have to show for this expensive problem solving process? Inflation, unemployment, over-taxation, and violence are on the rise.

The habitual politicians are taxing America into its grave and are giving less-and-less problem solving for a fewer few. NUSA is clearly more American, and more productive of fulfilling the American Dream.

Historical Precedent: Abraham Lincoln, Republicans 1854

NUSA can be compared to the origins of the Republican Party in the mid-1850's. In just a few years, the young upstart Republican Party attracted enough people to elect one of the country's better Presidents, Abraham Lincoln. There is no reason why modern communications should not speed the meteoric rise of a new, more productive American political force. Regardless of its rise to power, at all times let it be understood that Democratic Capitalism can do more for Americans in all regards than the habitual politicians of the Democratic and Republican Parties.

No nation can solve a wider range of the world's problems than the great American Mixing Pot. Required, however, is a democratic, capitalistic problem solving process to

collect, filter, perculate, and hone

the information, issues, and individuals. NUSA has the process:


This democratic process promotes one choice from many considerations:

E Puribus Unum.

Peaceful Political Reform: Recall

In restoring the American and Human Dreams within all of our hearts, NUSA shall promote private and public problem solving. On the private level, NUSA shall organize people to provide themselves goods and services at an uninflated cost. On the public level, NUSA shall not only elect people to office but shall generate recalls as soon as possible. NUSA shall use the peaceful means embodied within the U.S. Constitution: People can recall elected problem solvers that are not sufficiently competent or moral.

Polish Solidarity Movement and National Strikes

NUSA is similar to the Polish Solidarity movement. Both Solidarities are reactions to bad policy making, bad politicians who imbalance and collapse systems of production. In both nations, incompetent and corrupt politicians have sold the basic productive individual out. In both nations, the habitual politicians have favored some special interests. In both nations, national problem solving is not up to solving the rising quantity and quality of problems which the productive backbone must alone bare.

As the Polish Solidarity Movement is not anti-Poland, nor are Democratic Capitalism and NUSA anti-American. However, just as the Polish politicians label the protesting and striking producers as being unpatriotic, so will the habitual politicians in America do the same thing. The harder and longer the habitual politicians resist NUSA, the more they will lose in the end.


NUSA, AESOP and Democratic Capitalism are more than the loyal opposition. They are the salvation to our problems. They are more American in nature, intent, and potential than the habitual politicians and the necronomists. Who in your opinion is better for America.

the habitual politicians and the necronomists, or
the Democratic Capitalists?

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