Trained, informed and inspired employees
are the best problem-solvers.

Employees can be trained once and allowed to decline to intellectual irrelevancy, or employees can be trained on daily basis to grow more relevant. Workers can be kept in the dark about their company and their standing, or workers can be informed fully and honestly. People on the job can be treated like prisoners without means of communication, or encouraged to share career concerns and insights. Workers can be treated like illiterate animals or stimulated and inspired to think on the job. Most employees read little or nothing on the job; at AESOP, they can read the Mass Communicator which trains, informs, shares and inspires.

Aesop's daily newsletter has a general section on work and the company, and it has sections for each enterprise and each business. The daily information primarily derives from the business operation where it is automatically printed each morning as part of a new day management program. Additional information can be telecommunicated from higher operations for automatic insertion in the newsletter. Telecommunications permits quick dissemination of information throughout the hierarchy of AESOP operations.

As a management tool, the newsletter "front-loads" the day with information to help the employee organize his tasks. The time invested in reading the newsletter is recouped many times over because the employee is better prepared mentally and technically to handle the challenges of employment. Just as front-loading the invoice write up leads to smoother project management, personal front-loading benefit a person's management of his day.

General Section

The general section contains inspirational and thought provoking passages on life and work. They function as mental vitamins for a healthier daily existence. The general section also contains information on the network and the computer.

The first information after the masthead is information on Aesop as a whole. This includes days in business, number of people working and gross sales. The personnel and sales figures are shown for prior periods for comparisons. The other general information sections are:

Inspirational quotations derived from a file containing thoughts of great minds.
Successful people: what they do and think, on and off the job.
Customer relations: thoughts on the importance of the people on whom our careers, lifestyle and retirement depends.
Work ethic: the subtleties and joys of accepting and mastering the necessity of work, solving progressive problems to prevent massive, unexpected problems.
Co-worker appreciation and consideration: thoughts from AESOP employees on observing the Golden Rule, enlightened self-interest, when working with others.
AESOP Fables, a new lesson on the economics and politics of life told in the guise of animal stories.

These thoughts are mental vitamins. Often, an inspired thought at the right time can make a world of difference in a person's daily outlook and work enjoyment. By having daily reminders of inspirational thoughts, successful people, the value of customers and communication skills, each employee's consciousness is raised with a minimal amount of managerial expense.

Matter of fact system information about the company is listed next. This includes performance of the computer network, reboot records and system error messages.

Enterprise Status

Each enterprise operating on the network, e.g., Information, Cleaning or Care Services, is analyzed in the newsletter. The figures extracted from the computer are:

Time clock entries, the starting and ending times of people working for the enterprise that day.
Profit profiles of employees, progress or regression.
Checks written allows employees to be aware that this is their company with no records being hidden from them. The office manager in each enterprise has the responsibility of reviewing the checks and signing them.
Checks to be written, when payroll is processed each employee's performance, growth and ownership is listed.
Purchase Orders, new purchase orders
Bank Deposits and balance
Late Invoices, invoices which are late in payment from the Finished and Accounts Receivable directories of each enterprise. The filename and phone number is placed in the daily Things To Do invoice of the project manager.
Bids rejected, the job module and the reason for it being rejected. Reason for rejection written into project description.
Discounts given, listing of discounts involving customer complaints.
This information informs the employee of their performance and the status of the company.

Business Reviews

The business sections list valuable job information to keep the employees current in the business database. This information is published for the following reasons:

New job modules, any new job module is listed with its summary.
Modified job module, a changed module is listed with the summary and the piece of changed information.
Suggestions/Questions for a job module as shared by an employee through the entry in the newsletter function. These can be marked to indicate further group review and consideration during an in-service.
Policy job debits, listed for widespread review as well as revision.
Losses on Jobs, discovered during enterprise evaluation of deposited invoices.

This information constitutes the on-going training and increased relevance of the employee in knowing his work.

Daily Development

The newsletter creation begins when the main fileserver boots the first time on a new day. The process requires only a few minutes depending on the number of enterprises in the office. The newsletter is edited by the office manager.

Aesop's daily newsletter, Mass Communicator, is a tool of communication and training. With each person's problem-solving skills and motivation at a high, time and money is saved.

Trained, informed and inspired employees are the best problem-solvers. Regular, measured amounts of training, information and inspiration produces better results than a feast or famine regimen.

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.


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