Boycott McDonalds until it closes its drive-up windows and closes on Sundays: No corporate entity has been more destructive of the family as a source of natural happiness than McDonalds has been with its Madison Avenue cacophony of phony happiness, e.g., sickeningly hyped Happy Meals.

McDonalds drive-up windows are unnecessary sources of CO2-sinning with its work model symbolizing the future: Work more for less as a hamburger helper. If you want to save life on earth, it has to be individual boycotts to avoid riots, fire and looting. If humanity, especially Americans, are not willing to boycott McDonald till no drive-up windows and no Sundays, well, burn, baby, burn. This is not a call to torch non-complying McDonald's restaurants.

For the Primary Moral Imperative

Let Us Re-Humanize Humanity

Boycott Sundays
Boycott McDonalds
Or, Slave 24/7

If our home, the planet earth, is suffering global dying from our CO2-sinning then we have a Primary Moral Imperative to save life on earth. This imperative transcends and trumps all other imperatives, laws, regulations and norms. Where does one start to translate a soundbyte like Primary Moral Imperative into lifesaving action? Start with logic ... not emotional, irrational, self-lies like the "power of prayer."

Like drought-stricken farmers praying day-in and day-out for rain, if everyone prayed for life-killing CO2 to disappear, it would not. In fact, the human actions leading up to prayer is a series of CO2 sins, e.g., driving gas-guzzling vehicles to churches bathed in light and music shows warmed to tropical temperatures. This like during the black plague church officials organized people to travel from town to town in pentinence for sins. Pope Clement VI called for mass pilgrimage to Rome in 1350 (and bring your money purse for indulgences for absolution of sins). This organized rapid distribution of Yersinia pestis resulted in a 30% to 60% depopulation of Europe from which it took 150 years to recover the lost population. Lawyers were busy trying to figure who owned what with the clerics claiming the land without heirs. Ah, then and now, the road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values.

Public prayer is another example of prayer being dangerous to humanity as was found by ultra-right conservative Templeton study that found prayer not only does not work but can cause the prayed-for to suffer more than if they were not prayed-for. Public prayer is itself, logically, an admission of the failure of private prayer in home and church. But, logic is anathema to the faithful self-liars whose emotional gut-reactions/bowel-movements are taken as the supreme source of knowlege--no wonder we live in a shatty world.

So, let us agree that saving life on earth will not come from the pulpits where massive CO2-sinning has gone on and is going on in the form of wars between religions and religious sects. One does not have enough fingers and toes to count all the bloody millions of deaths due to the religious morality of dying for my god is better than your god. However, one could count all the wars fought by atheists over the question of whose knowledge of no god was the greatest understanding of no god if one cut off all of one's fingers and toes.

While the bubbling cauldron of religious stew has seen countless variations, logical earthings have always had the same consistency from which higher levels of eternal truths have been discovered and revered beginning with 1+1= 2 (as opposed to the Christian trinity where 1+1+1=1). It is perverse to take emotional (not logical) pride in absurdity. More importantly to the issue of global dying from CO2 is how the morality of the illogical aliens (who believe life is better elsewhere but do not want to go there too soon) is not only suicidal but killing the logical earthlings who are akin to this writer.

The primary goal of the Primary Moral Imperative is to reverse global warming by reducing our CO2 sinning which requires acknowledgement that the cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts:

  1. Cost of living: To produce the necessities of life, some CO2 sinning is necessary. We need to reduce the CO2 sinning by more efficient means of production, that is, re-time the cost of living.
  2. Cost of lying: To produce our passing sense of happiness and joy, we have many changing wants based on how we lie to ourselves as to what is important. All the CO2-sins from self-lying needs to be de-timed.

For nerds: Central to cost of humanity is the amount of CO2 generated by the human action and the eventual time-wasting problems from CO2-sinning, necessary or elective. As such, CO2 is the ultimate, universal currency which we generating. Throughout history, humanity has had many kinds of currency. All were designed to be convenient, easy-to-use "stores" of human time compared to primitive bartering. As one may know, some currencies appreciate(deflation) and other's depreciate(inflation) over time in their value of human's having more or less time-value for solving problems. For instance, if you are paid $10/hour and a year later the saved $10 only buys $5 worth of goods, then you have had half of your original worktime stolen by inflation. With CO2-sinning causing worsening time-wasting climate events, it is a human-generated currency that is cheapening our time toward final extinction of all life on earth. Also see YouTube\GlobalDying for CO2 as a Currency

Sometimes, like a series of dominos, one domino is the key to all the problems falling down in a logical, ordering manner. For re-timing and de-timing our human activities, two actions stand-out for specific and general reasons which will initiate a global effort to fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative, that is, the ManHeaven Project. In general, as is present in most religions, we need a day of rest during which we pause and ponder the nature of existence and humanity: Sundays. When this writer had businesses, he always told new employees to set aside some weekend time for a few hours of reviewing the previous week--what went right and what went wrong so as increase one and decrease the other. (Better a park bench than a church pew.)

In general, most human activity on Sundays are elective cost of lying activities. If we did not do them, we would still live. However, with global dying from CO2 sinning, Sunday activities are speeding up global dying. Habitual politicians, tenured economists, corporate myops and mass mediacs who say we need to grow our economies are like Jim Jones urging people to drink faster the Kool-Aid. No, to save life on earth we need to de-time unnecessary activities and live simpler lives. Otherwise, we die.

If you want the dominos of death to fall, boycotting Sundays is the first domino. Boycotting means no shopping, no baseball/football/etc.ball (in person or on TV), no driving, etc. How does this domino lead to some very crucial and necessary re-timing that will benefit you in eventually having 24in4, that is, a 24 hour workweek with more disposable time and funds for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.

  1. Workweek Length: Boycotting Sundays will lead to workweek length adjustment for guaranteed, full employment and will lead to refinancing of all loans into zero-interest lifehour loans with profit-shaing. The government will have to reduce the workweek to share the available work or have, as is the case in the Mid-East, riots and violence in the streets. Also, we should adjust the workweek for veterans re-entering the civilian economy.
  2. Refinancing loans: When an increasing number of people don't have the part-time job to make loan payments, lenders will have a choice: Refinance via Lifehour loans or via bankruptcy.
  3. Healthcare: As people have more free time from working less then they can do community service for healthcare cost thus removing healthcare costs from the businesss equation.

Boycott MacDonalds: No business has been worse than McDonald's for the longest of time at getting people to engage in CO2-sinning. We do not need to eat out. We don't have family meals because of McDonald's advertising conveying that family fun playgrounds is better for us. We are encouraged to watch habitual players on courts, fields, etc., by McDonald's subsidizing inflated salaries that cause wide-eyed kids to be sportaholic rather needed workers. The long-lines of cars in McDonalds' drive-up windows are spewing CO2, burning gasoline that otherwise would lower the gallon cost of gasoline. Low wages are the norm at McDonalds whose workers are the original "Hamburger Helpers."

Thus, we need to boycott McDonalds until it makes the following changes:

  1. Close on Sundays.
  2. Close all drive up windows.

When McDonalds does these two things then we will boycott other businesses until we have quiet Sundays for re-discoverying our humanity among our family, friends and neighbors. Or, as I like to say, "Live like a baby-chicken: 'Cheap, cheap, cheap.'"

Each time you drive on Sunday, you are driving yourself to an earlier death.
Each time you buy on Sunday, you are buying your own Zyklon-B.

In summary, the best government is the least government which can be only if we better self-govern. Boycotting Sundays and McDonalds is a first step to better, smaller government. Otherwise the habitual politicians will pass laws to fight global warming that not only enriches their friends but worsens global dying, e.g., "Let's go to church and pray for God's blessing."

There is no solution to global dying other than we humans being repentent CO2-sinners committed to re-timing and de-timing our CO2 sins.

These boycotts of food establishments are similiar to the counter boycotts of the the last Major Civil Rights Movement in the 1950's and 1960's. We can either wait untill worsening conditions lead to violence and death in the streets, or, we can pre-emptively boycott the businesses that are killing our future so that they will change. Do you really need to eat out on Sunday? Do you really need to watch a game on TV or in person on Sunday?

What will you do with yourself on Sundays? Get to know yourself and your neighbors. Try gardening--see CaveGarden--where you can learn how to save money while becoming a happier person.

  1. Stop being a CO2-sinner who waste dollars in "shop-till-ya-drop" when you can be a time-creator who "grows-till-ya-glow."
  2. Give up the rat race for the root race.

One only spends about 10% of the time in a garden thinking about the garden. The rest of the time you can talk to yourself or another human being. The cost of food from the garden is about one to three cents for each dollar saved--tax-free dollars. Nothing like an early morning visit to see what Santa Clause left over-night.

Added thought:

  1. Change will come if we individually change. The best government is the least government which is possible only if we better self-govern.

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