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1 ------ gif Officials Urge Election Reform H- Revu010204 A10a
2 ------ gif Secretaries Of State Recommends010206 A9a
3 001120 gif WSJ Oregons Recounts A10a001120 W S J
4 001211 htm LaTimes Los Angeles Times Site Search Results
5 001212 gif StarTrib Florida Problems Long Noted Cost-001212 Star Trib
6 001218 htm WSJ Selma Musical Voting Booths Notes
7 001219 gif WSJ Tainted Returns Fraud A1f001219 W S J
8 001221 gif WSJ Vote2000 View From Abroad A1a001221 W S J
9 001222 gif WSJ Systemic Fraud Wide Spread A1a001222 W S J
10 010206 gif AssocPrs Election Revisions St010206 Assoc Prs
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11 010215 gif USAToday Updating Voting Machinesa1010215 U S A Today
12 010215 gif USAToday Updating Voting Machinesa2a010215 U S A Today
13 010215 gif USAToday Updating Voting Machinesa2b010215 U S A Today
14 010329 gif WSJ Blindto Voter Fraud010329 W S J
15 010517 htm USAToday Voting Machine Lag
  1. The chairman of the nation's largest voting-equipment company says delays in Congress and state capitals have cost the nation its chance of replacing all antiquated punch-card voting machines in time for the 2004 presidential election.
16 010531 htm WashPost Human Factor Vote Fiasco
  1. In fact, 18 of the state's 67 counties never recounted the ballots at all. They simply checked their original results. To this day, more than 1.58 million votes have not been counted a second time.
  2. A confounding array of vague laws, arbitrary local decisions and erratic leadership by Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris's office resulted in turmoil across the state -- from the way voters were treated to how ballots were designed and counted
  3. less to machines than to people.
  4. Many counties used sophisticated voting equipment designed to catch ballot errors -- but two decided simply to switch off the mechanisms.
  5. Five Supreme Court justices halted the hand recount of Florida ballots on Dec. 12, declaring that standards varied so widely that voters would be denied a "fundamental right" to equal treatment.
  6. The secretary of state's first duty, as specified in Florida's 122-page voting law, is to "maintain uniformity" in the conduct of elections. But in a state in which authority to run elections is divided between Tallahassee and 67 county elections supervisors, that was easier said than done.
  7. The supervisors -- all but one of them elected by popular vote -- are so famous for their independence that a post-election report by the Florida Senate asserted that some "often intentionally disregard" election laws. The rest of the time, they made individual decisions as they saw fit.
  8. Setting out to cull felons from voting rolls, for example, the elections division delivered to the counties lists of "probable" felons that contained thousands of names of non-felons. Some county supervisors used the lists to expunge voters, but others discarded them. The state did nothing to reconcile the approaches
  9. Harris replied that no supervisors complained to her personally. She testified that her 39-person staff had no authority to command county officials, that she was not involved in the division's daily management and knew little about its work.
  10. Bryant said she chose not to print Spanish ballots because of the expense and hassle, and because "we haven't been ordered by the U.S. Justice Department." U.S. officials say many counties print ballots in Spanish without federal prompting.
  11. The Florida ballot proved confusing to plenty of English speakers as well. Whether it was the Palm Beach butterfly ballot or the "wraparound" ballots that spread the presidential candidates across two columns, voters by the thousands cast votes for two candidates, invalidating their ballots.
  12. Less well-known, however, is the role of the secretary of state's office in developing a ballot that some voters found to be confusing. Florida law requires the office to dispatch "the format of the ballot" to all 67 supervisors of elections. The wraparound version sent by Harris's staff featured the 10-candidate presidential race stretched across two columns.
  13. haphazard operation of the state's motor-voter laws,
  14. four voting systems.
  15. "Optical-scan ballot design offers voters so many opportunities to vote improperly that they are limited only by their own imaginations," the Florida Senate said in its March report. Thousands of ballots went uncounted, for example, when voters erred by making a circle or a check mark next to the candidate's name, or used their own pens with the wrong color ink.
  16. rescued by machines programmed to reject such ballots and give voters a second chance
  17. As many as 120,000 Florida ballots could have been corrected by voters if every county had employed modern machines with second-chance technology.
  18. elections officials routinely made judgments about voter intent at several stages in the election process.
  19. six days after the Election Day deadline. He knew the presidential race was undecided and he wanted Bush to win. Records show that Duval County included his vote in its results.
  20. while others tallied ballots that lacked postmarks or failed to meet other requirements.
  21. At least 17 ballots examined by The Post in four north Florida counties were counted despite bearing postmarks dated after Nov. 7. Scores more were counted after arriving without postmarks in elections offices between Nov. 8 and Nov. 17, the deadline for overseas absentee ballots to be received.
  22. When elections officers opened the envelopes on Nov. 17, lawyers for George W. Bush said it was unfair to enforce the technicalities of state law against America's fighting men and women. Under pressure, Democrats decided not to challenge ballots that lacked required features.
  23. The result was a rout of the Democrats in the northern counties, where Bush picked up 176 votes that lacked postmarks and other required features
  24. He showed them the place on the pre-printed mailing labels that identified the voters' party identification. Contrary to standards of fairness, elections officials in Manatee and Okaloosa counties knew voters' political affiliation before deciding whether their votes would count.
17 010605 htm StarTrib Fla Vote Discriminatory
18 010625 htm StarTrib States Sift Vote Records

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