Dead People Voting

The old joke is that it is ok for people to vote twice and it is ok for dead people to vote but it is not ok for dead people to vote twice. The following is a listing of the nationwide bloated voting rolls that allow election officials to rig elections. Quotations on other pages of this web section indicate how election officials can and do throw elections to "their" candidates if the challenger is not ahead in the polls by more than ten of fifteen points.

In major elections or primaries, it can alter the future contributions for primary races, e.g., Virginia's giving Geo. Bush a wider lead over John McCain than really happened. If McCain had lost by less in the final tally--reflecting the real tally--he would not have lost some needed future funds.

  • 001211 LA Times
    1. A 'Modern' Democracy That Can't Count Votes
    2. Alaska has 38,000 more registered voters than people of age to votes
    3. Six states have an estimated 20% of bogus voters (Indiana, Arizona, Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah and Wisconsin) LA times
    4. Alaska has 38,209 more names on its rolls than it has voting age population
    5. One of every five names on the Indiana rolls is bogus,
    6. Aristotle representatives say six other states have rolls with bogus names of 20% or higher: Arizona, Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah and Wisconsin
  • 010216 WSJ
    1. Dead Men Voting
    2. In St. Louis, an investigation found that nearly all 3,000 registrations dropped off by a single individual in one batch just before close of business on Feb. 7 (the deadline for registering for the mayoral race) were fraudulent.
  • 010625 AP
    1. States sift through voting registration confusion
    2. Missouri Republican Sen. Kit Bond said there were more people registered to vote in the city than there were people eligible to vote. The voter lists included the names of dead aldermen and a dog named Ritzy Mekler.
    3. Deborah Phillips, president of the watchdog group Voting Integrity Project, said 10 percent to 25 percent of voter rolls nationwide may be filled with "deadwood" - people who have moved or died.
    4. Upper St. Clair, for example, has 15,361 registered voters and only 14,369 residents of voting age, according to a comparison of voter rolls and census figures.