Downloadable Ballot: A Timistic Clutter Cutter

The world's election and voting systems can be simplified via on-line downloadable ballots that are not without precedence. The cost of voting can be reduced by 99% with the integrity of voting approaching 100% with an automatic trinity of integrity to provide three parallel simulataneous and separate counts to reduce fraud.

  1. On-line database of all world-wide elective offices. Many news services offer dynamic listing of political office holders for a web visitor by the visitor simply entering one's zip code. Many states offer political districts for state residents by entering one's street addresses. It is only a small step to make these databases into not only listing of office holders but of office-seekers so that the web visitor can receive a personalized ballot of candidates with the candidate's website.

    Below are examples of current "almost" downloadable ballots.
    Click on the newspaper name for the actual page.

    Pioneer Press, St. Paul, MN

    Washington Post

    New York Times


    Public examples of what downloadable ballots might look like--click on the below

    World wide downloadable ballots already have a global structure and monitor--see Interneational Foundation for Election Systems (IFES). It has created de facto "almost" downloadable ballots democracy's front door (primaries) and backdoor (general elections)--see double-sided democracy. Eventually, the commonality of GPS downloadable ballots will be as widespread as the Weather links that are found on almost all newspaper websites--enter your Zipcode and get a map of your weather. Hopefully, we will be able to do something about politics even if we can't do anything about the weather.
    (The question of what to do with old computers is simple: Donate them to countries to use for on-line elections! Let America's number #1 export be better democracy and capitalism!)

  2. GPS code (8-character) for all worldwide elective offices.
    Using the first 4 characters in a base 36 coding, one has 36*36*36*36 possibilities or 1.6 million elective localities, more than are present in the world. The next character indicates the nature of the election, e.g., An example of how the GPS is already being used on the internet, click on the below IFES map
    • E for education
    • J for justice
    • L for legislation
    • M for media
    • P for presiders
    • R for referendum.

    The last three characters could be for distinctions for different offices, e.g., Upper or Lower Legislative house. In particular, visit Montana in which its 2000 candidate list was converted into a simple timistic clutter cutter ballot. Which looks more efficient and effective? Which looks like it would kill a flock of birds--not just two--with one stone? Which could cut the cost of elections by 99% with near-zero fraud?

    If the reader reviews the 20,000 brain bees (public/private, local>global), the reader can get the sense that a "DNA of decision-making" has been created for human policy-making.

  3. Anytime, anywhere ballot request based on GPS code or Postal code--see Timistic Clutter Cutter Ballot  ... home church foodstore school. As this writer reviews the China Daily and People's Daily (among many newspapers) on daily basis, so could one review and test the downloadable ballots from around the world. What counts is the hard copy processed on election day at the polls by the trinity of integrity.
  4. Dynamic ballot based on entry of GPS or Postal code, see above listing.
  5. On-Line Ballot Master Wanted: is willing to sign a contract with a major media outlet or IFES to establish a world-wide database for downloadable ballots. Payment will be cost plus a half cent per downloaded ballot. Potential minimum clicks: 6 billion per year, one per human. FedEx a letter of interest to PBDC.
  6. Entry Elements on ballot consists of  a simple listing:
    • office/referendum,
    • Name/Title, and
    • weblink dynamically
      --see Minneapolis 2001.
  7. Entries prioritized by number of people represented by the office.
  8. Testing and re-testing on-line without permanent record to prevent mis-votes.
  9. Paranoia Prevention: To allay any fears that someone is recording your test votes, test the ballot more than once, voting for candidates other than the ones for whom you intend to vote.
  10. Bootcamp Hell Day: For two reasons, polling booths are reminiscent of military bootcamp first day--a hell day..
    1. You have to hurry up in order to wait in lines--this is not the case with the pre-marked timistic ballot.
    2. Bootcamp hell day has you trying to stay on top of different issues and individuals. Like wise with current voting procedures. One is expected to know the general's names and positions, the line officers and the NCOs as well as whether or not you can study for the urine test. With the timistic ballot, one can methodically consider each candidate in the weeks between the primary and general election, marking, unmarking and remarking the downloaded ballot which can be saved on one's computer. Furthermore, one can create a folder on each office and observe the Surf Wisely: Read the whole page before reviewing links procedures when review a candidate's website.
  11. Print or handmark ballots for delivery to polling place--see Minneapolis 2001.
  12. Scanning uses a simple, downloadable program that uses GPS coding to differentiate offices. The writer has since the 1980's written several scan programs that will work on any scanner or computer. As a printer, his firm printed millions of pharmaceutical research forms that were scanned in after completion by the researchers. It's a no-brainer.
  13. Trinity of integrity voting teams: Integrity Sine Qua Non
    1. Voting places will have one or more trinity of integrity teams. Each trinity consists of three computer/scanners teams: Registrar, Media and Watchdog. When the voter shows up with his pre-marked ballot, he scans it in order with each team.  A team member writes the time on the back of the ballot.
    2. Total time at the poll per voter will be less than the current time where the voter shows up, marks the ballot and then submits to the registrars. Not only is this process faster but three parallel tracks of votes are kept to ensure the integrity of the vote. No more registrars stealing elections! Because voters are able to put a random number on the ballot and ballots are time stamped before being listed on the internet, individuals can check to see if their ballot was processed properly. The voter keeps the ballot.
    3. If a vote is not statistically significant, three sets of data are immediately available for decisions.If the tallies by the voter registrar, newspaper and poll watchers differ more than a certain percentage, a recount is made after the randomly numbered ballots are sorted in order by each group with the re-count being a tally ballot by ballot in order with a QC when the tally differs. In this case,  tabulated resorts are posted on the internet sorted by the random numbers so the voter can qc the process.
    4. We must eliminate the quiet time wherein voter registrars outside of the public eye stuff, steal, share, and erase the voters' intent.
  14. Volunteer compensation: Members of the teams of voting integrity can either receive a college tuition credit or they can credit their polling duty to their jury duty. With better voting, we will need fewer juries. Random teams are selected using the brain bee process so as to eliminate collusion from the same election judges repeatedly getting together at each election for the thrill of playing God by stealing the human rights. Too many election judges have alterred the final votes to reflect the greater wisdom of the compassion conservatives to direct the affairs of those those not born in the upper class with white skin.
  15. New registrars can focus on the voter rights not voting theft--Why and how.
  16. Brain Bee Interface: The database can interface with the on-line spelling bees to provide zero-cost, zero-corruption.
  17. Summary: With this simple, efficient, effective and inexpensive process,
    1. the latest technology is available on voting day,
    2. automatic cross checking for quality control is present,
    3. the next generation  of voters is involved, protected and rewarded,
    4. money goes into education rather than the corporate pockets of the money dictators.

If America wants on-line voting, here is a virtually free system with open code! [Motor Vehicle Registration. Local registrars are expensive redundant thieves.] The only cost is the termination of existing voter registrar staff to honor the Richmond Voter Registrar Staff, Virginia State Board of Elections and the 2000 Presidential Registrars. Replacements will come through the on-line Global Democracy.

Solutions are simple until the politicians introduce the complexity of getting something for nothing for their campaign-bribers. The election riggers will never implement efficient, effective election or vote reform. Political promises are no better than the promises of drug, healthcare or energy dealers.

This working system is ready to go. How soon do you want fair, free elections? Just signup and encourage friends to test the system.