Vote Whores and Pimps

What does it say about an election system when the selling and buying of votes has engendered the term "vote whores?"--see first entry. The following quotations who how votes are sold. Like prostitution, they are not bought and sold for a productive reason. The reason for vote whores and pimps is to grease pork.

  • 001211 LA Times
    1. A 'Modern' Democracy That Can't Count Votes
    2. "Vote whores": $20 a vote
    3. They are paid to go out and solicit people for their mail-in ballots. [Sometimes] they actually pay people for these ballots. . . . The political prostitute comes to me and says, 'I will pay you $3, $5. You put your signature, I vote it the way I want. Here's your money.'
  • 010216 WSJ
    1. Dead Men Voting
    2. In St. Louis, an investigation found that nearly all 3,000 registrations dropped off by a single individual in one batch just before close of business on Feb. 7 (the deadline for registering for the mayoral race) were fraudulent.
    3. The details for the Democratic lawsuit are really something to behold. The lead plaintiff, named Robert D. Odom, claimed he had been denied the right to vote. But then it was learned that Mr. Odom had died in 1999. Whereupon the Democrats said the real plaintiff was Robert M. Odum, who happened to be a top aid to Democratic Rep. Lacy Clay. But after it turned out that the living Mr. Odum had actually voted early that day, Democratic lawyer Douglas Dowd didn't modify the lawsuit or inform the judge.
  • 010304 New York Times
    1. Ghost of Vote Fraud Seen in St. Louis
    2. The hours were extended, then it was discovered that the chief plaintiff in the lawsuit had been dead the better part of a year.
    3. A grand jury is investigating a report by election officials that hundreds of fraudulent names and nonexistent addresses were found on about 3,800 voter registration cards turned in last month just hours before the deadline for signing up for Tuesday's election.
    4. "It's just incredible what we've uncovered," Kevin Coan, an election official, said. "Would you believe the names of three dead aldermen? Of course you would. This is St. Louis."