Nobel Prizes: The Competition to Kill Life On Earth

Ironic? Nothing can be more ironic than the history and impact of Nobel Prizes. When Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, read his pre-mature obituary, he was shocked. He was characterized as the man most responsible for death in war, a merchant of death. To reverse the summary judgment of history, he assigned his rights and wealth to the establishment of the Nobel Prizes to promote the betterment of mankind. Evilution resulted because of the focus: Help mankind but not mother nature.

A timistic analysis of the Nobel Prize winners show a predominant proletariat focus, that is, foster further overpopulation of an overpopulated world. The number one problem with humanity is too many people. If there is a hidden weapon of mass destruction, it is the human genitalia which the Nobel committees have multiplied rather than minimize. Every prize that rewarded someone who increase food production or saved lives has a prize winner who helped kill life on earth.

In addition, the prize in Economics has been to worsen decapitalism, that is, capitalism for a fewer few. Being a fund that depends on the ill-got gains of monetarism, the selection committees must reward the champions of decapitalism. It is like the US gas-guzzler of higher education, Harvard , which engages in unethical business practices to help its funding. Publicly, it is God's gift to education. Privately, in the details are the workings of an evil devil.

Without a ManHeaven Project to avoid the recovery point, life on earth will die because of the CO2 impact of too many people. Ironic? Nothing can be more ironic than how the Nobel's goal of bettering humanity has, in fact, destroyed not only humanity but life on earth.

No "select" group of people have a greater per capita guilt for the death of life on earth than the Nobel Laureates as well as members of the selecting committees--some of the worst cheerlosers that one can find.. It would be inappropriate to allow these headline mass murderers to participate in the ManHeaven Project. Strategically and technically, their priorities and achievements are of the wrong values. Not only should the Nobel selectees and selectors be denied ManHeaven participation but the level of punishment and exclusion should be of the highest level, that is, gene pool draining. God damn these malvalued fools who are responsible for too many people and too many deaths.

The nation of Sweden is not guilty of involuntary man slaughter but of involuntary humanity extinction. Guilt by Association.


  1. The awarding of Nobel metals is akin the re-election of habitual politicians. In both cases, a small minority determine the winners. More importantly, both fail the key first step in the four steps of solving a problem, describing the problem. The misdescription for habitual politicians is that an old face is better for an old unsolved problem than a new face. The misdescription for Nobel metal choosers is that we need more people on earth and that every life should be kept alive as long as possible. Both habitual politicians and Nobel Metalists are killing life on earth with their misdescriptions of problems.
  2. The basic common criterion by which Nobel Prizes are awarded is "How many people does it keep alive?" This is especially true in the prizes for peace, medicine, chemistry and economics.  This is the Pro-Litter Ideology--litter Mother Earth with humans that she has not the means to sustain.
  3. "Damn Alfred Nobel. Damn the N. Committee. D. the N. winners." The worst N-word in existence? Nobel.

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