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1 ------ htm (see webpage) Tidal Electric - Technology [Uploaded 080610]
  1. The earliest evidence of the use of the oceans’ tides for power conversion dates back to about 900 A.D
  2. The power requirements of the industrialized world dwarf the output of the early tidal barrages and it was not until the 1960’s that the first commercial-scale modern-era tidal power plant was built, near St. Malo, France. The hydro mechanical devices such as the paddlewheel and the overshot waterwheel have given way to highly-efficient bulb-type hydroelectric turbine/generator sets. The tidal barrage at St. Malo uses twenty-four 10-megawatt low-head bulb-type turbine generator sets. Installed in 1965, the barrage has been functioning without missing a tide for more than 37 years.
2 010523 htm
WSJ Energy From Canada Via Sea Cable
  1. [Reviewed]
3 061126 htm
USAToday Pray For Rain Century Drought
  1. Churchgoers prayed for rain Sunday in the hopes of breaking the worst drought to hit Australian farmers in more than a century.
  2. Already the world's driest inhabited continent,
4 070410 htm
USAToday Going Green Can Burn You
  1. investors are looking for ways to profit from global warming
5 070605 htm NYT In Tennessee, Goats Eat the ‘Vine That Ate the South’ - New York Times
  1. Kudzu, which is native to Asia, was introduced in the United States in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition,
  2. First called “the miracle vine,” kudzu eventually came to be known as “the vine that ate the South.” It grows at an astonishing rate of a foot a day, smothering flora, swallowing houses and blanketing the landscape.
  3. “kudzu is probably the most recognized invasive plant in the world,
6 071208 htm
NYT Efforts to Harvest Ocean’s Energy Open New Debate Front - New York Times
  1. Wave farms, harvested with high-tech buoys that are being tested here on the Oregon coast, would strain clean, renewable power from the surging sea.
7 080321 htm
USAToday Emissions Impossible
  1. two scientists suggest in a recently released study, which states that man-made greenhouse gas emissions will have to be eliminated in order to stabilize global temperatures and ward off climate change.
8 080325 htm
NYT Global Warming - Climate Change - Nudge - New York Times
  1. [Repeat]
9 080514 htm
NYT A City Cooler and Dimmer, and, Oh, Proving a Point - New York Times
  1. this little city has cut its electricity use by more than 30 percent in a matter of weeks
  2. At the library, one of the two elevators was shut down after someone figured out it cost 20 cents for each round trip.
  3. Electricity rates rocketed about 400 percent after an avalanche on April 16 destroyed several major transmission towers that delivered more than 80 percent of the city’s power from a hydroelectric dam about 40 miles south.
  4. Evidence of the civic self-discipline is updated daily on the Web site of Alaska Electric Light and Power. The day before the avalanche, the city consumed 1,006 megawatt hours of electricity; on Friday, the number was 625
10 080710 htm
NYT Cutting Out the Middlemen, Shoppers Buy Slices of Farms -
  1. buying shares of farms
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11 090701 htm
NYT Just Do It -
  1. A simple, straightforward carbon tax would have made much more sense than this Rube Goldberg contraption.
12 100408 htm
KTVZ Friendly weed-eaters will really get your goat - Central Oregons News, Weather and Sports Leader -
  1. By Makayla Zurn, KTVZ.COM

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