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WSJ Appetite for Oil, Coal Drives Search for 'Painless Cure'
  1. The scheme, hatched by Columbia University physicist Klaus Lackner, would remove carbon dioxide directly from the air -- and store it in rocks or under the earth.
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USAToday Global warming inspires enterprising solutions
  1. Nearly 400 start-ups are operating 600 carbon-mitigation projects in the USA, with the number of companies set to triple the next two years, says consulting firm Point Carbon.
  2. The number of allowances would fall over the years, driving up prices
  3. Costs come down on consumers
  4. By purchasing the offsets in future years, when carbon caps are likely to be in place, AEP thinks the Environmental Protection Agency will be more likely to approve them. And by inking a deal now, the utility seeks to lock in lower prices.
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USAToday Stimulus funds drill wells as Calif water vanishes
  1. The government is spending $40 million in federal stimulus funds to pull water from underground aquifers in drought-stricken California, even as evidence is growing that the well-drilling boom could degrade the quality of water delivered to millions of residents
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WashPost The unintended ripples from the biomass subsidy program
  1. It sounded like a good idea: Provide a little government money to convert wood shavings and plant waste into renewable energy
  2. But as laudable as that goal sounds, it could end up causing more economic damage than good -- driving up the price of raw timber, undermining an industry that has long used sawdust and wood shavings to make affordable cabinetry, and highlighting the many challenges involved in decreasing the nation's dependence on oil by using organic materials to create biofuels.
  3. has mushroomed into a half-a-billion dollar subsidy that is funneling taxpayer dollars to sawmills and lumber wholesalers, encouraging them to sell their waste to be converted into high-tech biofuels
5 100223 htm WashPost NO TITLE
  1. a huge box of fuel cells that it hopes will allow homes and businesses to generate their own electricity.
  2. [A Segway solution--RSB]
  3. Large technology companies could attach them to their computing centers, which can be energy hogs.
  4. Instead of only being able to use hydrogen, Bloom Energy cells can use wind, solar power and whatever else is available, which could vary from community to community
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WireCom Geoengineering Is ‘A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come’

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