Groan Jobs:  "Green" Jobs Killing Life On Earth

What determines the average person's idea of a green job? Mostly Kodak morality, that is, one's gut reaction of the moment. However, if one does a cradle-to-grave analysis of the time creation or cancering of the job--that is, video or calculus of morality--one often finds that green is not green.

The numerous falsehopes are a list of gut reactions formalized into grants, plans and proposals. In reality, not politics, synonymous with green is life or time. A true green job is one that creates life or time. Thus, timism provides a standardized method for quanitifying the cradle-to-grave time dynamics of any entity or activity. One's job is one's activity as an entity on this planet, that is, to do is to be and to be is to do.

As a time creator or time cancer , one's job is either part of the solution or part of the problem. Time creating jobs are green. Time cancers are groan jobs. Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth, determines and exacts time creation and time cancers.

Unfortunately, many people think more births gives them more time, that procreation is creation. Chinese people want to have big families. Duh! Religious nuts want more followers so they have big families. The generation of more religious adherents may increase the amount of time commited to that religion but it does not increase the time of life on earth. One of saddest examples of how more religious time is wasted time can be seen in Gaza strip where unemployed grandfathers had double-digit kids who as jobless persons generated a third-generation of internationally welfare families. International aid workers and NGOs don't have green jobs--Mother Nature groans under the weight of too many people on this planet.

Consistently, the various election-addicted habitual politicians around the world have said that they need to respond to economic concerns before the environmental issues can be addressed. Central to their programs is more jobs without qualifying whether the jobs are life-saving or life-killing. As many "organic" products were not organic, most "green" jobs are not life-saving. The primary moral imperative requires an elimination of life-killing jobs, not tolerance or increase. For a person to accept a habitual politicians promise of more jobs without qualifying the job effects on global dying is like a girl in a bar accepting a drink from a stranger. While a girl may survive a date-raped laced drink, Mother Nature will not survive a  life-killing laced job. An example is cash for clunkers.

All social, economic and political problems can be traced back to one activity, that is, too many leg-spreaders spreading too often. In a world dying from too many people, the number one hidden weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is the human genitalia. A timisitic analysis shows that green jobs are groan jobs.  Groan jobs, like all other false hopes to save life on earth are a waste of time that speedup the existential meltdown and advancing the recovery point which is the point of no return. Truly, considering the need for Controlled Depopulation,  the only green jobs are neuter docs, abortionists, serial killers, undertakers and nuclear war.

Additional Thoughts:

  1. A Growth Imperative--David Brooks, NYT, 100730, A mediac with the wrong views and values. Grow the economy? No. Groan the economy and Grossout the environment.

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