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WCCO CBS, Minneapolis ... TV's Taboo Word: Climate Change ... CO2: How & Killer

WWBT NBC12, Richmond, Virginia

Calendar: Revoke Broadcast License.

In 2001 I contacted WCCO with a  two videos on climate change. The station manager did not act. The same thing was repeated in Summer, 2021. Therefore, it is the goal of Timism to revoke the broadcast license of WCCO as a warning to other stations not to put greed before public well-being. License up for renewal on

Buyout: CBS Network can stop the campaign to revoke WCCO's broadcast license by paying the buyout fee to Timism, Inc., and by announcing and posting the "Climate Change Dynamics: Carbon Dioxide" link on all company-owned stations. (Please note, both in 2001 and 2021, there was no thought of renumeration or boycott until my offer to explain climate change was met with silence in 2021.)

Climate Change Dynamics of Carbon Dioxide
Provided as a community service, an interesting view of climate change.
  1. The simple how-and-why behind Climate Hell: 2021 Email campaign
  2. The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule: Carbon Dioxide
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