Bastard Stocks:

America's Death Certificates

There is a big difference between logical bastard stocks that are married to the performance and profits of a corporation and bastard stocks that corporate insiders can legally sell to the captive audience of American workers via 401(k) plans. Bastard stocks are the death certificates of civilization as the best and brightest focus on the next quarter bottomline to exercise their bastard stocks. Bastard stockopters are like habitual politicians who soundbyte and spin their way to the next election with their closet campaign speech. As money is the mother's milk of politics so are bastard stocks the mother's milk of IPO's: Insiders Phooling Outsiders.

Bastard stocks (BSO) are individual theft while IPOs are gangbang rape of the working middle class. BSO's are the death certificates of America as the MBAs--Masters of Banrupting America--focus on making the stock look good instead of making the company work good. BSO's embody the criticism of economists that they know the price of everything but the value of nothing.

Consider the difference between then and now and between Japan and USA workers.

  1. Then, in 1980, before workers were fooled into the promises of an ownership society, the average retiree had approximately $300,000 in benefits from defined corporate pension plans. Now, in 2010, the average worker has about $50,000 in 401ks. These price comparisons do not take into account inflation. As such, the buying power of today's pension for a worker is less than $15,000. Why? Jack and Jills played rather than politiked. The massive transfer of wealth in and ownership of American in the last quarter of a century was been through bastard stocks. Jack and Jill are getting what they deserve.
  2. In Japan, the retirement system is run by the postal system where workers would place their retirement savings. When implemented, the postal system was charged with investing the money in infrastructural impovements so as to lower the cost of living. As a result in 2010, Japan has the best healthcare system wherein women live the longest and men the second longest. They had Bullet trains long before anyone else. And, besides a postal system that works and costs less, the Japanese are setting on over $17 trillion dollars in cold cash--enough to pay off the US national debt. And, what do Americans own? A bunch of funny paper that is worth less and less as Americans' savings go not into infrastructure improvement to lower the cost of living but into the M&M's of the bastard stock opters--mansions and mistresses. (Among the factors fueling the rise of China and demise of America is how the former's stimulus package improves infrastructure while the US deficit spending talks about infrastructure but really feeds the fat cats with political pork.) Claims that Japan is in decline is an instance of igknowance.

Habitual politicians will not stop bastard stocks for many reasons . BSOs are against the US Constitution under Article 1, Section 7, which prohibits counterfeiting .

Please recall how banks used to be able to issue their own currency provided they held in reserve tangibles to back up the currency. In issuing bastard stocks, corporations are like the banks without the reserve requirements. Instead, the corporations are legally allowed to rob, rape and murder the savings and pensions of the workers. This is a financial cancer as the BSO bleed the workers to death with the resulting demise of consumer spending deflating demand for corporate products. Duh!

There is a simple solution but first we must have the better democracy and capitalism of the whole plan--see BSO solution .

Thanks, Bastard Stock Opters for helping kill life on earth.

Forbes 400: Money to be stolen from pensions and savings

Once one understands the nature of bastard stocks, that is, counterfeit money traded for real money from pensions and savings, one could tally the money that has gone over the dam from wage-earners  M? into the wage-takers' M&M's. More importantly, from a simple source, one can project the big-money that is going to be taken in the future, that is, the biggest legal thieves. The simple source? Forbes Magazines Richest 400. The following is a list of legal thieves. As noted elsewhere--?--, Bile Guts of MaggotSoft is not the richest person in the world. Rather, he is the richest thie

Bastard stocks are like IOU held by corporate insiders and cashed as if pensioners and savers had written those IOU's rather the insiders printing the BSO's. They are like bonds issued by the pubic in which no goods or services were originally received by the public.

In 2010, $1.27 trillion is scheduled to be stolen from pension funds. This does not include hedge funds flipping companies. This Wall Street decapitalism is an example of privitization. Pensions were privatized to private citizens as 401ks which then allowed private monopolies (bastard stock opters) to initiate and increase a privilege of a private tax upon the savings and pensions of foolish workers. Again, another example of Jack and Jills, to wit, all play and no politics means desperation, destitute and demise.

Case Studies of Bastard Stocks
  1. AIG: Get taxpayers off hook by sticking to savers, pensions. The investors are pension. Any pension manager who invests in a hedge-fund receives MD2D-G
  2. AOL
  3. Bile Guts and Maggot Soft
  4. Delta Dental
  5. Facebook
  6. General Motors
  7. Google
  8. KKR
  9. Seagate
  10. Pizza Hut
  11. Muggers : Mug Whitman & Care Less Fiorina
  12. Nobel Prize
  13. Backdoor Public Financing of  Election: ERomney, Mug Whitman, Carly Fiorina,  Mark Warner, Rahm Emanuel ... Scotus man.
  14. "giving pledge" It would be nice if they called it the "give back pledge" of what they stole by playing with paper. Better yet, just stop stealing.
  15. Wal-Mart

Public Financing of Elections via BSO

When one understands that bastard stocks are legal private theft of the public's pensions and savings, one can look at the political landscape to find many bastard stock opters.

  1. Mug Whitman
  2. Romney
  3. Mark Warner
  4. Bloomberg
  5. Carly Fiorina

Please note how the majority are Republicans which is one of the reasons that this writer knows the Republicans will never stop decapitalsim on Wall Street. Like the average vote, on Capital Hill, the habitual politicians vote their billfolds.

Lifeboat of  Global Flotilla (#1) of Manheaven Armada

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    8. Google Gougers
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    3. Pension Mis-Managers :
  3. Counterfeit
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  1. Wage-Loser? Wage-Takers Waping Wage-Earners
  2. Double-Taxation of Wage-Earners by Bastard Stocks
  3. Inflation Is Caused by Bastard Stocks
  4. Mean versus Meaningless People
  5. Life's Necessities, Earning
  6. Dumb Ass Shit Eaters: Sophisticated, Solipsistic Self-Liars
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  1. IPO's automatically generate a financial bubble as more symbols are chasing less substance. In a similiar fashion, the efforts to save the Euro by "printing" more euros to finance bailouts and to recap banks merely delays an inflationary crisis that will make 1920 look like deflation.
  2. Facebook (2012) IPO and housing bubble in California communities echos the housing bubble due to the US $15+ trillion national debt.
  3. Bastard stocks from IPOs are economic tapeworms that keep the system alive but not optimally productive.

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