Ugly Igknowamuses ... Hidden Igknowance taxes

Igknowance Tax:

Either we tax our igknowance to end it, or,
our igknowance will tax us to no end.

Restatement and Consideration

  1. Igknowance is bliss until the igknowed problems blitz your life.
  2. One cannot out-run one's igknowed problems.
  3. Mother Nature
    1. She does not care if we igknow her rules and laws.
    2. Igknowance of the laws of Mother Nature does not excuse one from her wrath.
    3. If we continue to igknow our CO2-sinning behind climate change, Mother Nature will trump our non-sacrifices with escalating suffering.
    4. The price of a gallon of gas is only a downpayment on the total cost which is a loan with loan shark rates as Mother Nature wastes our time with more numerous, worsening natural disasters of droughts, deluges, fire and ice.
    5. All the worsening social, economic, civil and political turmoil is caused by igknowing that Mother Nature cannot support one billion people let alone seven going on eight billion people.
  4. Economics
    1. Lotteries are a tax on those who don't know math and 401ks are a tax on those who igknow math.
    2. America's national debt and trade deficits index how we have igknowed our employment and economic problems by trying to export them with counterfeit dollars, aka, monetary colonialism(i).
    3. Increasing numbers of retirees, past and future, are learning that the igknowed math of getting something for nothing means they retired too early with no means now of meeting the problems of old age.
    4. Citizens, like the co-enablers of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, believed the campaign promises of election-addicted habitual politicians. They have no one to blame for their willing compliance.
    5. Self-taxing: If people won't tax themselves to stop inflation, price-gouging & speculation then private interests will inflate price-gouging & the igknowant private citizens: Oil, gas, gasoline, housing & starts.
  5. Meanness: Means/meaningful/meaningless ..


  1. Either we tax our igknowance or our igknowance will tax us more.
  2. When we tax instead of pity victims of scams then we will have fewer scammers. It is like jailing the Johns instead of the prostitutes. Scam victims igknow the rule that one cannot get something-for-nothing.
  3. When you want something for nothing you usually end up with the latter. Taxpayers should not bail you out.

Worse than the bliss of igknowance which should only hurt the igknowant individual as the ignored unsolved problems waste more and more time is the confidence from igknowance. A confident igknowamus is a danger not only to himself but to others as he both applies igknowant solutions to problems and encourages igknowant lifestyles to others. Socrates was not strident enough in chastising the igknowant by saying that the unquestioned life is not worth living. Nor was it enough for him capture the wisdom of knowing (the "nora" of igknowant and the "Noble" of noble") by saying he was smarter than most people because he knew what he did not know. The confidence of the igknowant person is based on not questioning his values or actions which gives him the bliss of always being right until the ignored problems catch up with him. People who respect confidential people are damning themselves if they don't take time to "re-inspect" the people that they are respecting for whether the confidence is based in knowledge or ig-knowledge. Geo. Talker Bush is an example of what happens when people over-value and over-trust a politicians who confidence comes from the igknowance of never subjecting his beliefs and values to reality testing and questioning. This is another way of describing how he has lived in a bubble with synchophants echoing his baseless confidence. A confident igknowamus never suffers from states of denials because he never achieves an awareness of what needs to be denied. It is like a person who refuses to visit a doctor about the growth on his body. He has the confidence of knowing he does not have no cancer because he has never been diagnosed with cancer. An igknowant person harms only himself while an igknowamus's confidence from igknowance can and does harm others to the degree that others believe him.


  1. Relevance of level rights to igknowance tax.
  2. Meaningless meanies.
  3. media

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