Time Tax

Your time tax start Date: January 1, 2015

If every American gave four weekly hours of community service in productive problem-solving services with an average hourly wage of $25 per hour, that would be 210 hours or $5250 per person per year. With 300 million people, that is about $1.6 trillion that would balance a lot of public budgets by not borrowing money to hirer employees with benefits. The benefits and ramifications are discussed in the following areas: 24 in 4, Business Ramifications, Healthcare Reform and Roadmap to Saving Life on earth (the Primary Moral Imperative).

When you sign up for a timism account, you receive five lifehour credits. However, your account is debited four hours for each week afte the time tax start date. Every week you fail to signup, you are taxed without the option of working to cancel you weekly tax. Any cry of unfairness that you should not be penalized for not knowing so as to sign up early begs the question, "What do you do with your time that timism did not to your attention earlier?" In other words, your lifestyle probably is one of play and ignorance for which workers and knowers should not be penalized by you getting a free ride fueled by igknowance or hypocrisy.

The reason for igknowance probably is the same reason why you will say you don't have time to be taxed in time: If you don't think you have time, simple solution--unplug your television, de-app your smart phone (dummy) and give up your internet surfing. If you don't have time to sacrifice now you will find yourself forced to suffer unending time losses from not solving the problems behind our existential meltdown and human-driven climate change.


  1. A tax in time exacted on each person in a community as part of tax reform and a national universal service act.
  2. Cannot tax people in symbols of time (dollars/currency) because the dollar is dying as a public and private problem-solving tool.
  3. Weekly average is four hours, initially.
  4. If a child is too young to engage in productive, community service, parents must work the hours--goal is to suppress pro-littering of planet earth with humans that Mother Nature cannot afford--see Cost of Humanity. Given that the number one cause of global warming is too many people, if parents have to work for their pro-littering Mother Earth, they will be less like for many reasons to pro-litter more life-killers.
  5. Average time tax fluctuates based on level of problems. Can be increased locally in response to disaster. Emergencies from acts of God (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tornados) or acts of man (terrorism, arson, poison, dirty bombs or nuclear bombs) will increase it.
  6. Public services will be converted as much as possible into National Universal Service Agency.
  7. The goal is work half time for self and half for common good--a profitable life with the golden mean of splitting time in half--see 24 in 4 which has the goal of better employing our human resources so we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more disposable time and funds for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.

There are numerous, simple ways to accumulate lifehour credits--Things to do. Remember, more important than the total number of lifehours is your relative standing because some lifesaving services are limited to upper percentiles. Again, if you are a johnny-come-lately, you are probably a person does not watch the news, does not read newspapers, and does not discuss current events. You are part the problem rather than part of the solution based on your lifestyle choices. And, timism is like Mother Nature: She does not care whethere you failure to do right is from stupidity, naievete, igknowance or hypocrisy--Failure to right is to suffer what is wrong based on Mother Nature's rules and laws.

Remember, the rewards of timism are based on lifehour accumulation, e.g., loan refinancing chronology and principle penalty, healthcare access and payment, minimum wage limit, and, possibly MD2D--Mandatory Duty To Die.

Do not be too troubled by your negative balance. Lifehour accounts on average reflect how humanity has a negative bottomline with Mother Nature--ah, timism, what a beautiful unity and singularity! The allocation of timism services is based on percentile ranking. If the service is limited to the top 25%, it could the top 25% of positive lifehour credit accounts. Or, if only 10% of humanity have positive accounts then top 25% would include the 15% with the least negative account. Or, it could be that none of us--reflecting the natural objective reality of human impact on Mother Earth--have positive lifehour accounts in which case it would be the 25% least guilty of crimes against lifehour, aka, the 25% with the fewest deathhours (negative lifehours).

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