Pension Lending

People should save a percentage of their worktime for old age when they cannot work. These savings can increase or decrease in value depending on how they are lent.

  1. Mattress: If the saving is put under a mattress, the value of the savings will vary based on

    The bad thing about people putting money under mattresses it is like taking the oil out of your car. Both your car and economy suffer from inadequate liquidity.

  2. Banks: Banks can pay interest on savings which is better than a mattress unless the banks lend money to cause inflation and/bankruptcies, the Savings and Loans Collapses of the 1980's (Bush family involved big time--do a google.)
  3. Stock Markets: Like banks, buying stocks can increase or decrease the value of one's investments depending on what the company does with the money:
    1. Capitalism: Increase production and employment (capita at work) with newer and better machines.
    2. Decapitalism: Decrease production and employment with money buying executive mansions and mistresses
  4. Democratic Capitalism: Like social security, a percentage of wages go into common funds of one's municipal, state and national demes. Democratically elected representatives, one-termed with overlapping, staggered elections, review loan requests to improve goods and services in the community. The goal at all levels is to increase productivity per capita with a resulting decease in the product cost that matters first and fore most, that universal, absolute currency known as the lifehour. The decrease in time cost for goods and services is known as productive deflation. (This re-presentative process is urged for and mirrored in foundation making in Global Demoracy.)

Timism provides a process for a percentage of earnings to go into loans to increase the value of one's retirement savings. Let the workers re-present themselves with the admonition: All work and no politics make Jack and Jill broke taxpayers with no healthcare or retirement.

This is a phased-in replacement for Social Security which is no cure to ills and fears of old age--ask any baby boomer. The primary, conceptual problem with social security is that it is an inefficient, bureaucratic savings system that inflationarily dilutes the forced payroll savings. The secondary, political problem is that the habitual politicians treat social security like a keg party, inviting more and more people but buying no more kegs.

The number of representatives should mirror in number and location the major legislative body, e.g., city council or state upperbody legislature.

Loan limits based on economic impact. Immigrant examples of pooled funds.

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