Who Will Tie the Bell On Old Cat's Tail?

When the mice were besieged by a hungry cat, the suggestion was made that a bell on the cat's tail would give warning when the bell was near. This wonderful idea begged the question, "Who will tie the bell on the cat's tail." Likewise with global dying from accelerating levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases.

Who in political power is going to tell the truth? The habitual politicians fear the voters don't want to hear it ... when they have not first corrupted their minds with the private needs of their campaign donors.. Like many politicians wearing crosses and flags, they privately don't believe but must publicly pretend.

More importantly, when public opinion has become scared of global dying, who is going to be in charge of controlled depopulation so as to save life on earth? Before the inevitable Manheaven Commission becomes a global policy-making process, many champions of the primary moral imperative will be killed for being the messenger. With the commission will come brainbees for plebiscites to determine the reduction of CO2 sinning and the sequence of controlled depopulation.

The importance of the public as a whole prioritizing the general and specific steps of controlled depopulation cannot be an importance that is over-estimated. Lincoln said in defense of democracy and in rejection of slavery, "No man has a right to govern another without the consent of the governed." Likewise, and very pragmatically, within controlled depopulation to save life on earth, no man has the right to order the death of another without the consent of the sentenced who knows that his death is most logical and appropriate rather than the caprice of the rule of the jungle. \

It is also important to remember that controlled depopulation is not about sentencing people to death as much as who gets off the deathrow on which we all are living under the sentence of global dying.

It is the difference between "Let them eat cake" and "Who grew the bread?" in deciding who eats and who doesn't. If those guilty most of killing life on earth are allowed to remain the arsonists of humanity then the bulk of humanity will rebel with a destruction of the lines of communication necessary to save life on earth. We all will die.

So who will tie the bell on the old cat's tail? Optimal democracy from the brainbees of plebiscites to tap the intelligence of the people to find those having their Einstein moments. Anything less is a guarantee of the reader's death.

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