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Profit Sharing Refinancing To Save Life On Earth

It is obvious that the current financial system of monetarism is not working. It is a cancer that is bleeding life on earth to death. Not only does humanity need an honest, functional currency (lifehours) to replace the dishonest, dysfunction monies of monetarism, but humanity needs a plan by which lifehours can quickly cure the evils of economic moneytheism . Compounding the economic collapse is the elephant in the room, global dying from the droughts, deluges, deforestration and destruction of rising atmospheric CO2.

This plan is "Profit-Sharing Refinancing."

  1. All debts are converted into lifehour debts per the level of rights origination, e.g., global, national, state, or district.
  2. From one's income:
    1. The economic individual or entity is allowed a certain deduction of lifehours for for food, housing, and clothing. (Healthcare is via re-timing healthcare for community-based care.)
    2. Half of all earnings beyond the deduction is paid to the lifehour trust fund into which one's debts were converted. Payment to creditors are proportioned per the inflow of lifehours.
  3. It is important to note that administrative costs are very low because the administrators are working for lifehours--see elementary politeness brainbee.
  4. More importanty, the inflation from monetarism will be reversed by and replaced by productive deflation which has, throughout history, been the basis of improving the real lifehour by reducing the number of hours daily needed to acquire the necessities of life.

This is called "profit-sharing" because a true profit is when both the problem-sufferer and problem-solver go forward equally when a problem is solved. The only true wealth is saving time and living longer which is captured in the Latin origin of profit--pro esse, forward existence or foward time. True profits are the golden mean between the extreme of either the sufferer or solver taking all time-savings wealth created. Monetarism is a cancer killing the golden goose which is a cancer igknowant of the fact that when the goose is gone, monetarism will die also like all cancers.

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