Galileo Giiggles:

He who gets the last laugh, laughs loudest

The story is well-known of how, confronted by clergy with financial conflicts of interests, Galileo said that the truth could be seen by simply looking through the telescope. The priests refused. They forced Galileo to say what he had seen was not a fact. The lucrative secrets of the church were not to be compromised by facts.

In the lifetime of this writer, reason, logic and facts have been increasingly replaced by gut reactions, truthiness and opinions. The decline in mental fundamentals to funny mentals is shown by the fact that in the last thirty years of the twentieth century (1970 to 2000) the vocabulary of the average high school graduate dropped from 25,000 to 7,500 [with an increasing number of four-letter words which have more emotive value] and by the increasing inability of college graduates to perform simple logical, rationale tasks, e.g., reading a credit form which 75% fail. Education is in an existential meltdown.

As putting a sheepskin on a wolf does not make it a sheep nor does granting sheepskins for less and less ability make more Einsteins. When America has a President from Yale who brags about having a gentleman's "C" for his college effort (a middle-class "F"), it is no wonder that America is suffering decline. While in his 2006 State of the Union address Geo. Talker Bush spoke of more teachers, more mathematics and more science, his budget released less than a week later chopped education and college funding by double digits.

Sadly, the politicians and populace thinks more cheap sheepskins from for-profit colleges  and for-profit charters is synonymous with a more educated polity: Painting a rusting, sinking ship looks good until the ship is sunk.

Galileo Giggles is an effort to assist the reader in easily accessing more facts for the statement herein. Wherever you see a linked Galileo Giiggles you can click the link which does a Google search on the key words.

Many will not dare to click Galileo Giggles. They prefer self-assured ignorance and bliss. However, as Galileo knew and Shakespeare only said half of, "Ignorance is bliss until the ignored problems ruin you life." While Galileo recanted in public that the earth was not the center of universe, in private he knew and laughed at the self-destructive stupidity of the church. If the Catholic Church had not been closed-minded for financial gain, the reformation would not have occurred within in reformed church, a church which would have had more funds and adherents.

There is a lesson for all bodies of people who think their financially beneficial gut-reactions are above being questioned. Such people, when they are political leaders, tend to cause economic and military bowel movements. Such people are shat-eaters, that is, people who form a system of values based on their gut-reactions. Such people are foul-mouthed with halitosis from verbal flatulence.

America has declined because logical and reasonable people have been increasingly replaced by shit-eaters. The rise of conservative religions and politics is grounded in the decline of mental fundamentals by funny mentals. DooDoo Digester are an essential component of America's Conspiracy of Greed, Disbelief and Ignorance:

  1. Religious and political leaders know that their greed will go mostly unchecked, e.g., Jim Bakker, pedophiliac priest and corrupt lobbyists,
  2. because they know that most people disbelieve that religious and political leaders can be so greedy as the immediate facts convey
  3. and because they know most will not question their disbelief by seeking to know, that is, they will ignore.

Well, Galileo giiggles. He knows:

  1. Reality is bigger than any political lie.
  2. You cannot fool all the people all the time.
  3. The wheels of justice turn slowly but surely.
  4. All play and no politics make Jack and Jill destitute.
  5. When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
  6. When faced with worsening habitual problems, the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician which is voting for habitual problems.

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