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1 010520 htm WashPost Tax Credits of Dubious Value
  1. "The Hope [credit] squanders a substantial sum of federal tax resources" while failing to deliver significant benefits to individuals, colleges, states or the federal government
  2. To begin with, the credits are of little value to families with little income. While credits, which reduce taxes dollar for dollar, are better than deductions, whose value varies with the taxpayer's tax bracket, these credits are not refundable, so families with modest tax liabilities are not likely to get the full benefit.
  3. In addition, they are applicable only to tuition "and related expenses." Thus students who attend community colleges, where tuition is low, also don't get the full benefit, but they still have expenses such as transportation and living costs.
  4. Those are public policy issues, however, and may well be dismissed by middle-class families as "not our problem."
  5. Does the subsidy make the product more "affordable," or does it simply enable buyers to pay a higher price? If it is the latter, the benefits of the subsidy flow not to the buyer (the student and the student's family, in the case of tuition credits) but to the seller (the college).
  6. The effects are hard to sort out, but remember that when interest in a no-deduction flat tax was at its zenith a few years ago, home builders complained that elimination of the mortgage-interest deduction would cause home prices to fall. This suggests that the benefit, in that case at least, is to the sellers, who can ask a higher price because they have both real estate and tax benefits to sell.
  7. The Hope credit creates an incentive to raise tuition and lower aid,
  8. Since this process is likely to take some time, today's students and those attending college in the next few years probably will realize greater benefit than those in the more distant future when the credit is more fully integrated into aid and tuition.
2 030723 htm WashPost Tax Shelters L T C M

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