Undergraduate Transcript, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville Campus.


  1. The date of matriculation to the date of having earned sufficient credits to fulfill graduation was two years. The graduation date was much later because graduation were held once a year in May/June.
  2. The failure to replaced the burned transcript with a new one reflects a focus on substance not symbols as shown by a failure to attend any college graduation.
  3. The period in which I ace'd 24 hours was my second, Winter 1971.
  4. Despite two years in the military after high school, I completed my undergraduate requirements at approximately the same time or sooner as those who went directly into college from high school. I attended graduate school with some fellow high school students.
  5. I ascribe my college performance to several things, especially when contrasted with my middling high school achievements, #196 out of 376.
    1. I had seen life without an education, noting the difference between those with and without a college education.
    2. Like my performance in the Navy's electronic program, a de facto bachelors of electrical engineering without the humanities, I was able to go to school without worrying about room and board having both the GI Bill and a state military scholarship.
    3. My commitment to merit-based education support through public institutions has been shaped by the difference between my high school and college records.
  6. I have had a few people convey that I could not have graduated as quickly if I had gone to an ivy-league university.
    1. This is true if you imply that the gas-guzzlers  of higher education are first rate. I would have flunked out. As a professor friend of mine said, David Manning White, he ceased pursuing higher academic positions when he realized he liked less and less the people who were hired at such institutions. He said he could either mono-maniacally focus on PorP, aka, Publish or Perish but actually Prostitute or Perish, or poly-focus on nurturing a broader field of students. This is an academic dichotomy akin to the difference between the generalist who knows somthing about everything or the specialist who knows everything about nothing. Global dying is the epithet of the imbalanced, dysfunctional specialists in ivy-league gas-guzzlers than mom-and-pop high mpg colleges. When one
    2. In terms of producing the backbone builders of a better world, SIU-E is among many of the first-rate educational institutions.
    3. For whom I was and what I have become, SIU-E was the optimal fit, a shoe that was neither too big or too small for an optimal run in traveling farther faster as summarized in timism.
    4. Apparently my academic record at SIU-E was not as good as I have thought, for an offer of Timism to the SIU-E was met with no response. It confirmed my abdication from academia.

The following transcript shows the effect of the 1992 fire--fire article.

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