Cost of Living vs. Cost of Lying

Cost of Living (wise & whole) Cost of Lying (wants and waste)
Actualized Wannabee
Balanced life, finances and trade Deficits in personality, budgets and trade
Capitalism Decapitalism
Conscience (Brain) Without Science (Gut-Reactions or "Heart")
Create Cancer
Deflation/inflation Deflation/Inflation
Necessities or needs Non-essentials
Economic Truths (Ecos nomos) Economic Lies (Necronomics)
Freedom/Rights Oppression/Wrongs
Friends Frauds
Fundamentals Funny Mentals
Evolution Evilution
Happy, Serene Sadomasochistic
Helpers Leechers
What matters Whatever
Invest Speculate
Knowing Ig-knowing (ignorance)
Matter of fact Matter of opinion
Meaingful within Means Meaningless beyond means
Means are ends Means to ends
Mentalist and mentor Materialist and ?
Livers Liars
Logical Earthlings Illogical (aliens)s
Cerebral Gut-reactors, DooDoo Digesters
Living truths Lies of life
Pro-AllLife Pro-Litter
Problem-Solver Problem-Causer
Rationale Emotional
Responsible Irresponsible
Truth Truthism
Work, Workers, Work Ethics Play, Players, Play Pathos

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