Quality of Money

Money is the blood or water of our economic body. A couple of simple parallels shows how money has a quality based on consumers' spending habits and public policies. If water or blood is tainted, it will hurt the human body. The same is true with money. Consider the following contrasts:

  1. If people or politicians choose to spend money only on play, games, and gambling, they have lowered the quality of the money in circulation.
  2. If people and polticians choose to avoid the economy of lies, wants and waste, the quality of money increases.

The importance of money quality (based on how it is spent by people and politicians) is reflected in the cost of living. If people vote with their money to support non-essential businesses and politicians vote to subsidize the play pathos, the country will have a declining quality of money. It will suffer inflation as its money will buy less and less of life's necessities. Can a nation play or gamble its way to prosperity? No. The verdict is in if Las Vegas is a harbinger of the future--Gambling city USA has had the biggest economic decline with one of the US highest unemployment rates. (Previously, gambling bosses in Las Vegas pressured state politicians to alter the ratio of water between Las Vegas and farmers. The latter captured the essence of the debate when the farmers asked, "Do you want craps or crops?")

When it comes to tax supports or public stimulus, politicians don't qualify how the money is used--see Crack Cocaine Economics. In giving money to the people who caused the financial meltdown, they have lowered the quality of the money for the recipients are now using the money for non-essential business activities.

Until the political process is changed for better economic policies, it is up to individuals to vote wisely with their money to promote a higher quality of money. In some cases, the best quality money ever spent was the spending of no money:

  1. Boycott: In 1880, a land manager was ostracised and ignored by every one because the landord would not reduce rents for a year in which drought tremendously reduced harvests. The man gave his name to consumer activitism of not patronizing the source of your oppression. The man's name, Charles Boycott.
  2. Gandhi: A pacifist who showed that people willing to boycott their oppressors would one day have greater freedom by organizing Indians to boycott British textiles while learning to homespin simple garments to wear.
  3. King/Birgmin

Prior to the American War of Independence there was campaigns to boycott buying British imports. In some cases, they destroyed the imports, Boston Tea Party.

If one is not willing to alter their lifestyle to live with less rather than empower their oppressors by spending their money with the oppressors, obviously, one deserves to have the less and less of being oppressed. This is one of the reasons Americans deserve the declining standard of living. They won't sacrifice today to avoid suffering tomorrow. Likewise, they won't stop playing today so as to work tomorrow.


  1. The cheapening or inflation of money by poor consumer spending habits is different than the currency problems from international dysfunctional currencies.
  2. Good and bad money can be qualified by the time creation/cancering trajectory. If the money is creating less and less time it is only a matter of time before the money is worthless.

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