Index to Means and Meaningful Essays

Meaningful People:
People requiring others to live within means

Meaningful people

  1. work to live within their means.
  2. recognize that their cost of living is impacted by how others live within or beyond their means.
  3. work to help or make others live within their means

Restated from the perspective of the cost of living being the cost of unsolved problems. The cost of living is the time in lifehours that you have to work to acquire the necessities of life. If one works to solve only one's own problems then the unsolved problems of others will invade one's life through higher rates of taxes, inflation, insurance and crime. If one puts an hour in personal wealth accumulation that would yield two hours of wealth by helping others to solve their own time-wasting problems, one is meaningless rather than meaningful.

People who want to increase the quality of life merely by the quantity of money will have a lower quality of life. To have a quality life, one needs to have a profitable life wherein one spends half their time solving their own problems and spends half their time helping others solve their problems in a better way. In the end, one has more disposable income and time in a safer, saner and richer world. The principles of a profitable life are encoded into the Manheaven Project via retiming, reserving and revaluing human activity.

Being responsible goes hand-in-hand with being meaningful and living within one's means. A person who does not use their time to respond to their problems is not only irresponsible but is mean or meaningless. Being meaningful is synonymous with being responsible and respectable . A meaningful person requires others to live within their means, that is, requires others to respond to problems by not being a problem. Meaningless people are irresponsible as are mean people.

Being respectable implies that one can be re-inspected with the inspection finding only good. Upon re-inspection a mean or meaningless person will be found to have bad characteristics because they do not respond to personal or interpersonal problems. A person who lives beyond means is not respectable.

Mean and meaningless are like happiness and joy. The initial member of the pair is about self while the other is about others. One feels happy for oneself but feels joy for others being happy. Conversely, one is unhappy but sad for others. Likewise, living beyond one's means is personal while being meaningless is interpersonal. A mean person is personally irresponsible in not responding to his  own problems. A meaningless person is interpersonally irresponsible for not requiring others to be responsible. The meaningful person who helps and requires others to live within their means will have more happiness and joy.  This is a good comparison!

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