Index to Means and Meaningful Essays

Meaningless People:
People who allow others
to live beyond means

Worse than a mean person is the meaningless person who allows mean people to live beyond their means by overt or apathetic action. If overt, meaningless people are cheerlosers in morality, politeness, and ecosnomos. Apatheticly, they symbolize how evil triumphs when good people don't act. No action is an action. They are like the person who allows a child to be molested or murdered because they don't want to get involved. As time-shapers they fail to shape the time of self and others to have more time and freedom from problems. Like a politician who claims to believe in democracy but rules as a despotic decider, the meaningless person is worse than a mean person. Dictators and mean people are easy to spot. Demagogues and meaningless people are one-step removed from their impact on the transfer of means from the mean creators to the mean thieves.

Meaningless people pave the roads to hell with good intentions: Help that does not help the helpless to help themselves is not help.


  1. Ignoring mean people means they use your means.
  2. Coflation Source: Meaningless people who live beyond their means are a source of coflation.
  3. Immoral: Meaningless people are immoral, that is, they waste more time than they create. One is moral only when one creates or frees time.
  4. Meaningless people are passengers in a vehicle headed toward a cliff who compliment the driver on his enlightened farsightedness.
  5. Ignoring Mean People: Can't care: When you don't require people to live within their means then you are requiring them to live within your means for they must live off of someone if they are not living off of their own sweat and labor.
  6. One cannot prepare for a disaster unless one makes sure that one's neighbors are prepared because in a disaster, your neighbors will come through your door either peacefully or forcefully to share your disaster preparations with you.

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