Selfish, Self-Defeating ChildCare

When a noted conservative newspaper, the Pioneer Press of St. Paul, Minnesota, allows an article with following the headline, you know that the plank of self-responsibility in conservativism is warped: New parents need seriously subsidised day care. This article cites how the cost of infant care in one county is the same as a years cost at the University of Minnesota--$12,000. Reading the article reveals how the columnist can't bring herself to mention the cost of childcare as her friend is motor-mouthing about nursery accoutrements.

Has the middle-class adopted the attitude previously ascribed to welfare queens that they have a right to bare children they cannot afford but society has an obligation to pay for? Astounding and sad that such an article appeared in a conservative newspaper. For a conservative writer to suggest that taxpayers pickup the cost of childcare ignores the conservative position that additional taxes and bureaucracy is part of the problem. Actually, only those who can afford $12,000 a year can benefit, that is, those who can afford half of the take home pay of the average American worker. As noted elsewhere, childcare subsidies are just another saltwater policy which, like college savings, medical savings and 401(k) plans, will raise the cost of living .

We cannot add additional levels of bureaucracy and expect the cost of living to decrease. What happens, of course, is only those who are rich enough to claim the subsidy get to benefit from it. Compassionate conservatives from plantation masters back through Reich matrons to temple money-changers have always had a double-standard when it comes to their own.

Little recognized by the vast majority of people everywhere, not just in the liberal and conservative media, is that the existential meltdown means that fewer and fewer people can afford to have children. Furthermore, as people turn to tax-supports, those who can afford merely reduce their costs with the tax losses being made up for those who foolishly supported the tax-support answer. The existential meltdown accelerates as more people have to work more time to have less.

What is the difference between a columnist who wants to create tax supports for families in which parents cannot afford being good parents and the immigrants who move from a less generous welfare system to a more "benevolent welfare system" as described in "Nomads in America: Somali migration transforms a New England town."

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