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What Something Means

For Mother Nature, the only meaning of anything is whether it is a time-creator or time-cancer . Since Mother Nature rules the roost, she doesn't care about human perspectives beyond this basic description of her accounting system. The necessary, pivotal starting point of any meaningful conversation to solve problems is defining the meaning of one's terms in time as creation or crime.

Without timistic definitions, the misdiagnosis of problems suffers from semantic slippage. We suffer Humpty-Dumpties for whom word meanings mean anything anytime without any lasting meaning. This is why a logical earthling cannot have a meaningful conversation with Ugly Igknowramuses for whom the meaning of their words are forever suffering semantic slippage. They may believe in eternal life but not in eternal meanings.

With semantic honesty rooted in timistic grading of our words, we will live within our intellectual means. The true integrity of a jigsaw puzzle is the pattern from which it is cut rather than thin visual veneer painted on the surface. So it is that the time-value of words which must be understood first and foremost if one is to solve the problems of one's life.

Most of our institutions, especially religion and families, have a thin veneer of vocabulary that distracts and diverts problem-solvers because the talk lacks the interlocking integrity of timism. If one lies to oneself, one will harm self and others like a cancer that might be thrilling the young girl as her breasts swell with tumors. The latter image comes to mind when I see televised images of religious revivals where everyone is hooting and howling.

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