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You Know What I Mean

Amazingly, the vast majority of people broadcast how little they know when they say, "You know what I mean" as an explanatory glue to their daisy-chained gut reactions. This expression is a flag that the speaker does not know what they mean. It is like a railroad conductor announcing the tracks are no longer straight, prepare for an unsure passage: the speaker no longer has his facts straight in his mind so has begun an unsure verbal passage.

This expression announces to the world that the person does not know what he means. Speakers who don't know what they mean are merely expressing emotions and opinions, information that is meaningless and worthless for solving shared problems. They confuse their personal confusion with being of worldly value.

If  a person does not know what they mean, how can they expect others to know what they mean. Of course, if you express "I don't know what you mean" to these meaningless people they become mean like all people who live beyond their means.

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