Profits and Levels of Existence

As a concept, profit is normally associated with the economic activity. However, like another economic concept, inflation, one need not look long to find semantic twins or cousins in other levels of existence, e.g., flattery and flatulence. Most obvious is proud or pride which one can only claim for an action if one has created time, that is, pro esse or forward existence. The opposite of a profit is the misuse of time, that is, a misfit.

Timistically, forward or missed time exist in other levels when actions are quantified in time. There are a lot of saltwater situations in which a person thinks he is gaining time but is actually losing time: What profits a man if he gains the world and loses his soul? The following shows how profits are present at all levels of existence: morality, politeness, ecosnomos, mentality, catan and spinbarism.

Morality: What profits it a man if he gains the world and loses his soul?

The morality of more time quantifies the morality of a religion. A religion that "re-gathers" timewise values will motivate followers to be more productive. Of this forward well-being, the religion deserves to share in the profits so as to continue its regathering.


An interesting relationship exists between profit and democracy when one quantifies each in time. A profit divides the time created from solving a problem. A democracy divides the people to have equal time in solving their problems. Democracy is more than "divisioning people to rule" (demos cratia). More basically, democracy is dividing up the available work so all people can and will work. Because of this self-symetry of profit and democracy, one of the long-standing principles of timism is 24 in 4, that is, by better organizing our workforce we can have a 24 hour workweek in 4 years. More importantly because of the since realized moral imperative of saving life one earth, timistic tools have been developed as part of the Manheaven Project, ???.

A polite, profitable government would use citizen legislation to reward citizens who provide solutions to public problems. In solving the public problems, a time-savings value would be determined with the citizens receiving a tax credit against federal, state, or local taxes. Thus, in fulfillment of pro esse, both citizen and citizens go forward. One would not be hard pressed to find taxpayers who would readily say that government policies do not yeild profits but yield misfits.

  1. He profited greatly from his schooling or Nothing profits one so much as a sound education. (Random House)
    Profits and Education: Information ... An interesting relationship exists between profit and education when one quantifies each in time. ....
    Each one teach one
  2. Federal Reserve and Profitable Increase of Money Supply
  3. Managing without Managers, Profit-sharing in workplace
Mentality: proud, pride

To profit from the weaknesses of others (Random House) is a misuse of profit which can be corrected by saying, "To misfit ...."

blacks denied monetary profit but not spiritual profit.


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