Demes: Do's and Don't's

Global Democratic Capitalism:

  1. You can participate in any brain bee, individual or issue oriented--Global Index.
  2. You can participate in the World Peace brain bee in which weekly feedback to a countries leader and UN delegation.
  3. You are assigned, sequentially and in rotation,
    1. to one of nine demographic earth units based on your global ID. (Mod division by 9) for a global supreme court.
    2. to one of forty-nine demographic region for the global upper legislature. (Mod division by 49).
    3. to one of four presidential demographic units for the presidential commission.
  4. Your national representative is akin your delegate to the United Nations.

Initially, demes entered cannot be changed due to security and resources

Countries/Nations (Resident/Domestic and Interest):

  1. You are allowed two countries in which to participate in brain bees of that country.
  2. You can submit citizen legislation.
  3. You can participate in the nomination of elected officials.

Sub-National Demes (States, provinces, prefects, etc.)

  1. You can select a Sub National Deme in which to participate in the election of officials, e.g., a state or province--see subnational elections..
  2. If the Sub-national deme has divisions as part of a National Legislation, you can enter the division, e.g., each of the United States has one or more Congressional District for the national Congress.
  3. If the sub-national deme has elected offices, you can enter the number(s) the legislative district.
  4. Elected offices will be added as resources are available. You can speed up global democracy by pledging for one or more demes.

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