Prudent pennies for peace save dumb dollars from defense.

World Peace

A necessary step to world peace is the education of the political leaders to the concerns of human beings. Quite simply, chief decision-makers quite often get isolated from the quiet masses until it is too late. Few dictators started out without the intentions of a controlled ruler.

The following forum for on-line democracy allows any person, anywhere, to participate in educating leaders. These are weekly forums with daily subcycles. Lifehour credit is given regardless of the country, for the primary exports of America should be better democracy and better capitalism. (Individual countries will be set up based on pledges or investments--see Global Democracy.) With on-line democracy, the state can gradually and amiably wither away. As people signup for an account, they become part of a global democratic system for world reform and peace.

1.   Select  Country  The results are forwarded to the country's head of state and UN delegation.

2. Summarize your submission (400 letters or less). You may include an email address or webpage address for more information, see Entry Guidelines. (Do not submit here if a company link is provided in the above table.)

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Nation Building


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