Global Countries

The problem-solving benefits of on-line brain bees will be offered to more and more countries. The forums offer on-line voting for the highest office as well as the a representative for each of the nation's next level of political units: states, provinces, districts, cantons, etc.

Initially, election cycles will be provided to the citizens of the country on a monthly basis, then quarterly, then as scheduled in the country. Lifehour tax credits for will be paid for the participation. If the U.S. exports and pays for better democracy, the cost will  be less than the expensive foreign problems derived from the lack of democracy, e.g., Iraq, Phillipines, etc.

The elected individuals will be the contacts for PBDC in matters relating to their country. Whether or not they want to use on-line brain bees to promote non-partisan, independent candidates for their elective offices is up to them. PBDC is basically a printing, research, and marketing service open to all of humanity who want to have cheaper, better public policy making for a safer, saner world.

As people sign up, they are automatically assigned to one the nine global demographical regions. These regions are not geographical. They are virtual. They compose 1/9 of the accounts in each country. Only by virtually dissolving the old economic and political boundaries, which the internet is fostering, will we have a better world. PBDC is catalysting the process for the State's Dissolution.

Below are countries for which on-line brain bees have been initiated.Those with forums have links by which to visit the forums. Forums will be established as quickly as resources allow. Database structures and logic are in place for countries to have forums.

Better democracy and capitalism will make the world better.  Throughout history, the development of new economic boundaries has realigned political boundaries. With the internet, there are no economic boundaries. With time, there will be no political boundaries. As throughout history, when this happens depends on the establishment of better public policy-making processes. On-line democracy and on-line capitalism will rapidly provide a better paradigm by which humanity can live in harmony and peace in fewer hours of work, see 24 in 4. The main impediment--as throughout history--will be the habitual politicians of the old political structures violating human decency, office oaths and basic rights to stop the reformers--see Vote Reform.

What is the probable global public policy making process? Nine virtual regions that overlap the total global sphere with each region consisting of one-nine of the population in current political units. The virtual regions will have seven subregions with nine districts and so on. What virtual region are you in? Divide your account number by 9: the remainder (plus 1) is what region you are in. When sufficient in size, a global constitutional convention will be held.


Important Note: You do not have to be a U.S. resident to become an account holder of an U.S. account. In fact, if you propose Citizen Legislation which is enacted into law, you should receive U.S. citizenship.

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