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WSJ Middle Class Clash Argentina A1a010201 W S J
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WSJ "Hard Times Squeeze Millions of Argentines Out of the Middle Class"
  1. "A grinding 31-month-long recession, accompanied by an unravleing of government social supports,has rattled this country's comfortable culture to its very core. Already the upheavel has sent millions of Argentines tumbling down the economic ladder. Even more alarminingly, it has shut down a critical engine of economic recovery--consumer demand."
  2. "the middle class has gotten acquainted with a bitter new phenomenon in recent years: downward mobility."
  3. As the middle class has embarked on its great leap backward, the poverty rate has surged. One out of every four residents of the capital now is classified as poor."
  4. Only 15% of the graduating class at Bueanos Aires's top law school
  5. "the 1990's privatizaiton of electricity, telephone and health systems has delivered a one-two punch, eliminating thousands of midlevel government jobs while doubling the share of income the average Argentine family devotes to basic services."
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WSJ Middle Class Clash Argentina A10a010201 W S J
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StarTrib Argentina Recesson4th Year
  1. jobless rate of nearly 15 percent and a quarter of the 37 million Argentines are living below the poverty line.
  2. The children waved placards proclaiming their "right to life" and "an end to poverty."
5 011222 htm NYT New Crisis Argentina
  1. Argentina has some of the world's richest agricultural and cattle lands and a good deal of oil, an educated and cultured population, and a mere 36 million people sprinkled over a land mass nearly the size of India. At the turn of the last century, its economy was comparable to that of the United States.
  2. Forty percent of Argentines do not pay their taxes, penalizing those who do and leaving the government perpetually short of cash. The economy is led by a business class that has trouble competing in international markets and has traditionally shielded itself through tariffs and depended on handouts from the government. The political system is characterized by corrupt, machine-led parties whose loyalties shift carelessly among ideas and agendas. The electorate is fickle, and tends to look for quick fixes without sacrifice.
  3. Much of that money ended up in the pockets of government officials rather than going toward social services, as a series of recent corruption investigations have shown.
6 020101 htm NYT Made In Washington Argentina
7 020501 htm WSJ Odd Jobs Argentina
8 020822 htm BAH Children Poor
  1. Seven out of ten Argentine children are poor. The INDEC national statistics bureau officially reported yesterday that four million children in Argentina live below the poverty line. Over two million of those do not have enough food to eat.

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