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Brain Bees: Global, National and State.

Municipality Democracy:

For all cities, one form handles
all major elective, legislative and judicial needs.

The following click and send form allows all people in all countries to use one form to prioritize issues or individuals below the countrywide and state levels. Countries are being brought on-line at different levels and times. The United States is the most complete--US Links. The progression of democracy table provides a listing of active brain bees as well as signing up for your subnational brain bees. Your submission is matched to the deme information that you submitted previously, see deme input and/or deme status . The specific district for legistative brain bees are derived from the deme information that you entered.

Country Account EmailAddr determines Domestic, or Interest destination (No global IDs)
Country Password
Municipality code, must be active and match your deme status
1. Click the decision-making goal
based on ID used and Deme Match


or Loans

Comment or

(one at most)

Mayor/Chairman Election@MayorChr Issues@MayorChr Watchdog@MayorChr
Manager Election@Manager Issues@Manager Watchdog@Manager
Council Elect###@Council Issues@Council Watch###@Council

Attorney, State Election@AttyStat Issues@AttyStat WatchDog@AttyStat
Information Managers Election@InfoMgr Issues@InfoMgr WatchDog@InfoMgr
Judiciary Elect###@Judges LawSuit@Judges Watch###@Judges
Library Elect##@Library Issues@Library Watch##@Library

Ostracisms, Annual




Pardons, Annual




Parks Elect##@Parks Issues@Parks Watch##@Parks

Pension Lending Elect##@Pensions Loans@Pensions Watch##@Pensions

Polizei: Public Safety Elect##@Polizei Issues@Polizei Watch##@Polizei

School Board Elect##@SchlBord Issues@SchlBord Watch##@SchlBord

Vote Registrar Election@VoteReg


VoteTimers Election@VoteTime

Youth Wisdom


The above are generic, initial state brain bees that can be superceded by a specific webpage,
see progress of democracy for the status of your country and state.

2. Summary of submission (400 letters or less: Entry Guidelines)

  1. Explanation, Details and Elaborations

  2. Gray Matter Committees

  3. VoteTime This null-cost, zero-corruption process interfaces
    with , a simple, universal vote counting system
    that works on any computer/scanner.

  4. See how one computer handles these elections

Sponsors of Global Democracy

While sponsors are sought for each country, a number of countries
were given Startup status because of heros or crises.

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