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USAToday Guard Not Ready For Terrorism A9a010226 U S A Today
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StarTrib Eco Radicals Oregon Fires F B I
  1. The FBI considers the ELF one of the county's leading domestic terrorist organizations, with millions of dollars in damages linked to its actions since 1997. Steele said the Pacific Northwest is "ground zero for eco-terrorism."
  2. The ELF claimed responsibility for a 1998 fire that caused $12 million damage at the Vail, Colo., ski resort. The group said the fire was set because Vail had expanded into lynx habitat. The group also claimed responsibility for other fires including one Jan. 2 that caused $400,000 damage at Superior Lumber Co. in Glendale, Ore.
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RTD Terrorist Chairman Task Force
  1. Gilmore, chairman of a national task force on terrorism that is concluding a three-year study,
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WashPost Foreign Anger W T C
  1. While average Chinese routinely approach Americans to offer condolences for Tuesday's terrorist attacks, many others in their offices, schools and Internet chats have voiced satisfaction at what they describe as a well-deserved blow against U.S. arrogance.
  2. With the collapse of communism as an ideology, China's government has embraced nationalism and nationalist causes in its search for new legitimacy.
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StarTrib Assassin Terrorist Reply
  1. citing the origin of both the word "assassin" and "hashish." In the 11th century, a secret order of Shi'ite Muslims killed their political opponents, often using poor adolescents who had been inebriated with a particular substance--a taste of the paradise awaiting them if they did the leader's bidding. The sect's leader was al-Hassan ibn-al-Sabbah whose name metamorphed into a description of the technique and the substance. Instead of Borking your opponent, you hassan him.
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USAToday Terrorism Next Gen
  1. the Bush administration will look the other way when it comes to human rights abuses, arms control violations and religious persecution.
  2. Bush said last week that he isn't asking Congress for authority to lift all sanctions against every country needed in the coalition.
  3. "We've trotted out Sudan as an ally in the war against terrorism. But they are, and have been, using the same terrorist tactics," says Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Ala., a sponsor of the bill. "Our commitment to the war against terrorism can't take the form of appeasement to terrorist regimes and the abandonment of their victims."
  4. The five former Soviet republics in Central Asia that have offered their support have among the worst human rights records in the world. In Uzbekistan, authorities have imprisoned thousands of non-violent Muslims in recent years for not worshiping in government-sanctioned groups.
  5. China has signaled that its modest assistance — Chinese anti-terrorism experts had a rare meeting with U.S. counterparts last week — will carry a price. Senior officials in Beijing say they plan to crack down on "terrorists" in Tibet, where a separatist movement has enjoyed strong U.S. support.
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WashPost Worst Case Scenario
  1. Imagine the unimaginable: The president, in the White House, the vice president, at the National Observatory, and all Cabinet members, in their respective agency headquarters, are killed in a terrorist attack on downtown Washington. So are all members of Congress, except the few who happen to be out of town
  2. What happens to the Republic? At the moment, the answer is alarming: chaos
8 020317 htm CNN Democracy Winner Mugabe
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WashPost Young Bombers Despair Mid East
  1. Before she shopped for someone to supply her with an exploding belt, Dareen Abu Aisheh had a long series of Socratic debates with her uncle, Jasser Khalili, over the rightness and wrongness of suicide bombing.
  2. "I admit I had no defenses against some of her words,"
  3. Before that, she had worked hard to find someone to turn her into a human bomb. Two Islamic groups had rejected her
  4. Palestinian researchers have begun to study the phenomenon. They are discovering a generation of young people who believe they have no future and who feel their lives -- and deaths -- are out of their control
  5. The day before her mission, Noura's mother tried to show her the new bedroom she would have in a house her father was building. Noura refused to go see it. "The whole generation is acting like this. They are withdrawing from life,"
10 020817 htm CNN Pres Sap Niyazov Turkmenistan
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11 040122 htm
WSJ Red Tape Travelers Response To U S
  1. It's payback time for U.S. travelers.
  2. Partly in retaliation for the United States' tougher stance toward foreign visitors, a number of countries have raised visa fees and erected new hurdles for incoming American citizens. While the higher fees and new paperwork aren't onerous, the added steps could catch some travelers off guard and add a new degree of complexity to overseas trips.
12 080430 htm
USAToday On Terrorist Watch List Nelson Mandela
  1. Nobel Peace Prize winner and international symbol of freedom Nelson Mandela is flagged on U.S. terrorist watch lists and needs special permission to visit the USA
13 080505 htm
(Appended) New Laws Needed Chertoff Without Citizen Review ... Source: BlackListedNews
  1. Chertoff said that once laws are written, the public should not second-guess government actions and claim that federal officials are overstepping their authority
14 100316 htm
WashPost Work to cease on 'virtual fence' along U.S.-Mexico border

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