Salt Pills to Quench Your Thirst

When one understands that the primary, immediate impact of rising atmospheric CO2 is a dessicant that soaks up water, one understands that increased burning of fossil fuels for homes, transportation and business is like giving a thirsty man a salt pill. Every gallon of fuel binds upwards of 34 or more gallons of water that would otherwise precipitate out or increase humidity to reduce fires. The water eventually comes out ... elsewhere in record precipitation.

Global warming is not what is going to kill humanity from CO2 in the future. Global drying is killing mankind today. In East Africa, 80% of the farmland disappeared in the last 30 years. In America, the disappearing farmland from drought or deluge is disappearing faster. Prices at the grocery store reflect the increasing scarcity of cheap food.

As oil fields metastasize CO2 blastomas so do metropolitan areas with the concentration of home, vehicle and business CO2 sinning. The smoking bite of Hurricane Bonnie shows visually a CO2 blastoma's dessicating impact on bodies of atmospheric moisture. Every molecule of burned fossil fuel in a city reduces the moisture that will fall in that city as well as downwind from the city. With rising CO2 from higher levels of fossil fuel burning the rain areas between cities have disappeared as the CO2 blastoma of one city extends into the next city. America's booming Southeast has become one huge CO2 blastoma fed not only by wasteful lifestyles, e.g., weekend sports events, but the monster GOM wells. And, the South is the source of the most CO2 sinning, cancerous play that is malignantly spreading across the continent, NASCAR.

Do Americans want to tax themselves so as to stop OPEC from taxing us? The difference between $20 and $100 a barrel of oil the tax that American worker allows OPEC to tax us because we won't tax ourselves to limit consumption. All the habitual politicians who are calling for cutting the fuel tax are really calling for increased funding of OPEC because every penny cut from the fuel tax will go to OPEC. OPEC will raise the prices until we stop buying oil. We need an "El Nino Tax" to save our lives and to save life on earth.

Do Americans want to tax themselves? Either we tax ourselves to solve our problems or others will tax us. Worse, worsening problems will tax our time more and more. Ignoring our problems will work for only as long as our problems ignore us. Ignornace is bliss only until the ignored problems maim, mangle or murder your life. No matter how much we try to forget our problems, our problems and their cost will never forget us.

Now, the price of oil is increasingly a secondary inconvenience compared to the dessication of the atmosphere and the desertification of American farmland. Dust storms reminescent of the 1930's Dust Bowl have started coming back. And, how do our habitual politicians suggest we shape our time in the face of worsening habitual problems? Pray! DASE! The only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician.

You, my fellow American, are the cause of your standard of living crashing about you. You are the one who is putting salt into our thirsty atmosphere with your energy-wasting homes, gas-guzzling vehicles and unnecessary business activities, especially the business of habitual players. Of the latter, every weekend millions of people drive their gas-guzzling cars to sports venues. There they invariably talk of economic problems. What a joke!

As a person who has sought to live within my means seeking happiness as mentalistic minimalist rather than a materialistic waster I angrily resent being a passenger in a vehicle wherein the driver is driving faster and faster to the edge of a cliff.

Las Vegas Water Wars: In order to keep salting the atmosphere with CO2 by more construction for gambling, Las Vegas wants to take water from farmers. The culture of wants over needs echos the divide between the economy of living and economy of lying. Non-gambling citizens will pay higher prices for food as water goes not for "crops but craps".

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