Irony: The 1950's Dustbowl-2 Drought had a future President involved in developing the Permian Basin, George H.W. Bush. The Year 2000 droughts have his son pushing for unlimited oil exploration and production which has revisited West Texas with a drought. Even today, like father like son, the former President has been on business trips to Saudi Arabia on behalf of oil finances. Given the semantic, existential and timistic synonymity of flaring, inflation, flattery and flatulence,

  1. if you liked the 1950's Dustbowl-II drought brought to you by the energy activities of Geo Bush elder, you will like Northwest, Southeast, Dustbowl--III droughts brought to you by Geo. Bush junior.
  2. if you liked the last Bush recession, you will like the next Bush recession,
  3. if you liked "Read my lips" flattery, you will like "Ignore my slips" flattery, and
  4. if you liked the hot gas of the old windy politician, you will like compassionate energy liberalism of the younger Bush.

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