1998+ West Texas  & North Mexico Drought

The below map is for drought conditions in Febuary, 2001. Unlike most drought areas, West Texas is in the wind bands known as the doldrums. There are no consistent, prevailing winds to create downwind droughts. If the winds would stop, then the oil fields could stew in their dessicating broths.


Description of Drought

  • Texas: In the year 2000, Dallas set a record of 59 straight days of temperatures over 100 which broke records set in 1934 and tied in 1950 (Reuters, Aug 29,2000).
  • For the first time in 50 years, the Rio Grande River dried up and did not flow to the Gulf of Mexico (AP) just like the Yellow River in drought-stricken China.
  • Mexico: Starting in 1998, three years of record low rainfall plagued northern Mexico. 1998 was declared the worst drought in 70 years. It became worse as 1999 spring rainfalls were 93% below normal.
  • Don't Flush: "You know the drought is bad when watering your lawn can bring a fine of up to $500."  ...
  • "Counties covering three-quarters of the state were declared disaster areas by Gov. George W. Bush, who last week asked for federal help in fighting wildfires." Ibid
  • A ten-year drought in northern Mexico has kept 90% of farmers from planting this year ...[costing] "billions in crop losses and 80,000 farm jobs." 020529 LaTimes.
  • American farmers have blockaded US-Mexico border crossings to protest Mexicos failure to make good on a 450 billion gallon deficit in discharges to the Rio Grande. You can't flush a toilet if there is no water in the tank. Like the Mexican farmers, many Texan farmers are not going to have crops this year.
  • On the other hand--observing the Soda Bottle Shake--record rainfalls bring floods that do not soak into the groundwater: floods and repeat floods.

Upwind Oil Field Development

  • Source of own CO2 from West Texas Fields compounded by efforts to increase production of CO2 for injection into old wells as part of tertiary recovery efforts--like taking coal to Newcastle.

Terminating Factor:

Is it a mere coincidence that in Year 2002 the State of Arizona is experiencing the greatest wildfires ever and has a sudden glut of surplus electricity?

The dramatic turnaround in the [electircity] market is the result of a half dozen new power plants coming on line in Arizona during the past year and the stabilization of volatile energy markets in California .... The new generation added to the state's capacity to handle peak demand, or load. Even more new power is expected to come on line next summer with the completion of another half dozen new plants.020516.

These CO2-belching power plants are to Arizona what the CO2-flaring deep-water oil wells are to the US East Coast: Massive sources of dessicating atmospheric "salt" that dries out everything downwind. There is a lesson herein for why the House of Saud's natural gas plan is dead in the water.

As the East African drought disappeared for the duration of the OPEC embargo in the early 1970's, so would the Southwest DustBowl III drought disappear if they close down the new power plants. Choice is simple: Water or Death.

Irony: The 1950's Dustbowl-2 Drought and 1999+ West Texas Drought had more than the Permian Basin in common. They have had the only 20th Century father-son team in the White House. Geo. Bushes--see irony who are members of the Texas Oil Cartel. Two of the Justices on the US Supreme Court who over-rode the US Constitution to put Junior in the White House were from West Texas, Rehnquist and O'Conner.

U.S. Drought Conditions February-March, 2001

Texas: Droughts out west and torrential rains out east

G.H.W. Bush was responsible for DustBowl II. G.W.Bush is responsible for DustBowl III.


  1. 110730 Hurricane Don does not drop much rain. Why? Texans burning fossil fuels metastaszied a huge bubble of dessicating CO2 molecules that soaked up the rain before it could fall to the ground. Texans have themselves to blame for their worsening droughts and forthcoming deaths.

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